With the 25th fast approaching, this weekend is the last chance to finish all your last minute shopping!

If you have plans to spend the festive period in the French Alps, or if you have a ski holiday booked in for the New Year, then check out our list of top 10 mountain style gifts that will be sure to surprise your friends and family this Christmas.

1. Reindeer Cushion cover

Made of the softest wool, this cushion cover is the perfect gift for any lover of mountain inspired interior design.

Chalet Shop - £44

This website is full of lovely ideas to decorate your home in real chalet spirit, including everything from lighting to bathroom towels.

2. Women’s backpack

Ideal on the slopes or in everyday life. This backpack has many features that make it suitable for any environment. The organized front, hydration sleeve and Laptop pocket make it an all-rounder but most importantly its the perfect bag for heading off-piste, with goggle pockets, a ski carry function and a rad design!

Dakine - £90

3. Bamboo selfie stick

Soulpoles is a shop dedicated to handmade ski equipment. This world’s first sustainable selfie stick is handmade from 100% bamboo and Gopro compatible. The perfect gift for all the eco-friendly skiers who loves taking photos and sharing memories on the slopes.

Soul Poles - £49

4. Hand warmers

These hand warmers are the must have gadgets to keep warm and comfortable throughout the coldest days of the year. Suitable for all your outdoor mountain activities.

Decathlon - £9.99

5. Hubber Helmet

The Hubber is the first eco-friendly ski/snowboard helmet on the market, made of 100% recycled and bio-sourced materials. The main objective of this creation is to prove that it is possible to create efficient and good looking ski gear with a low environmental footprint.The perfect gift to both the trendy and eco-friendly skier!

Picture - £79.98

6. Mophie powerstation charger

This small and compact piece of equipment is every skier’s best friend especially for those who love recording memories during a full day’s ski.

Mophie.com - £34

7. Ski goggles

These Panda Optics ski goggles are the top quality specs that will allow you to look super trendy on the slopes! Their limited edition range boasts a grey mirrored polarised lens, a maize yellow low light HD lens and integrated Guma anti fog technology.

Panda Optics - £95

8. Ridge shell ski jacket

This ridge shell ski jacket from Helly Hansen is 20% more efficient at regulating body temperature than your average ski coat thanks to its innovative technology. Another great feature is the built-in RECCO Rescue System, which helps mountain rescue to find you if you get lost or caught in an avalanche.

Helly Hanson – £380

9. Bluetooth snow gloves

These technologically advanced gloves are perfect for all the skiers who cant bare to part with their phone. They answer calls, play music, take photos and record videos whilst on the slopes. With more than an 8 hour battery life, the gloves allow you to control your smartphone, music, media and camera.

Beartekgloves - £120

10. Electric shoe Dryer

Nothing is worse than putting on really wet shoes when you are just about to get ready for a big day in the mountains. This PEET electric shoe dryer dries any shoe and can even make them last longer.

Available on Amazon – From £23.95