La Tyrolienne has finally opened to the public in Val Thorens!

The giant zip wire that takes you from Orelle to Val Thorens allows you to glide over 1,300m, travelling at speeds of up to 105km per hour and taking approximately 1 minute 45 seconds to complete.The feeling of riding on La Tyrolienne is akin to that of a bird of prey, soaring over the valley.

Travel by zip wire from the 3 Valleys peak at 3230m, at the top of the Bouchet chairlift in the Orelle resort, over to the Val Thorens crest, at 3000m.

Check out some action shots of some of the first riders of La Tyrolienne:

Before taking flight - would you dare ride La Tyrolienne?

Riding high across the Three Valleys

Feel like a bird of prey, soaring through the skies

Stunning views as you make your way across the zip wire towards Val Thorens

Key facts about La Tyrolienne:

  • Length: 1300m
  • Departure altitude: 3230m
  • Arrival altitude: 3000m
  • Maximum height above ground: 250m
  • Speed: From 65-105km/h
  • Age: 8-88
  • Maximum ride weight: 120kg

Access is reserved to skiers by the Bouchet chairlift, in the Orelle resort. The glide costs 50€ and tickets are purchased on-site. Those looking to ride La Tyrolienne are warned that places are limited and subject to weather conditions.

Photos © C.Cattin OT Val Thorens