Ski Lingo

12 ‘words on the piste’ to know before your trip to the French Alps this winter!


A series of clean turns using the edges of skis or a snowboard. Carving turns can vary from tight turns to giant “S” shaped swoops. If you are a piste skier, this is what you train for!

Brain bucket

Slang term for a helmet.

Mogul run

A run that’s got big bumps, which are particularly challenging. Sometimes these bumps are the natural byproduct of a fresh snowfall that’s been churned up by a day or two of skiers and riders, and sometimes they’re moguls that are shaped by special equipment. Most mogul runs are black diamond runs.


Extremely challenging trails that dodge between trees or rocks, usually at the top of a mountain. These are often marked with double-black diamonds.


The proposed route down the mountain.


Fresh snowfall that's low in moisture content and great to ski through!

Bluebird day

The most gorgeous day imaginable. A bluebird day is a bright, sunny day after a fresh snowfall the night before, a regular occurrence in the spring.


After a long days ski, enjoying a dance and a drink in a bar like the Folie Douce or simply some well earned time in the spa!

Bunny hill

The area of any ski mountain that’s specifically set aside for beginners. It’s always got a very slight incline, and lots of extra room for everyone to fall down without any worries.


A cloudy day, which makes it hard to perceive definition on the snow surface and can easily trigger a headache. A yellow-lens goggle will often help the best.