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Courchevel Moriond Ski Resort
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Western Skipark (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Aquamotion (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Aquamotion (©AlexisCornu)
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Aquamotion
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Aquamotion
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Aquamotion
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Nordic (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort-Nordic (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Ski Resort (©DavidAndre)
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Courchevel Moriond

Thinking of skiing in Courchevel Moriond? A great base to explore the Courchevel and 3 Vallees ski areas, the resort is also great for beginners, intermediates and families.

Why Courchevel Moriond Ski Resort?

  • Great base to explore the Courchevel & Les 3 Vallées ski areas
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediates and families
  • 'Famille Plus' resort - good children’s facilities and great for families
  • Calm village atmosphere and less crowded than 1850

Courchevel Resort

The overall ski resort of Courchevel is in fact made up of 6 villages, each with their own unique atmosphere, and each connected with an efficient and rapid free bus service. The 6 villages are Courchevel (1850m), Courchevel Moriond (1650m), Courchevel Village (1550m), Courchevel Le Praz (1300m), La Tania (bookable with our sister company Peak Retreats) and finally the original birthplace of Courchevel, Saint Bon (1100m).

The story of Courchevel began in Saint Bon, the original village. The Lac Bleu, the first hotel to be built in the resort, has been welcoming guests since 1925.

A major plus of the Courchevel villages has to be the direct access to the ski slopes, from wherever you are staying - only adding to the comfort, pleasure and convenience of your stay.

Courchevel (previously known as Courchevel 1850) is the most widely recognised village due to its luxurious chalets and hotels attracting the rich and famous, who can fly directly to the mini-airport in the middle of the slopes. Courchevel is the highest, largest and most cosmopolitan of all the Courchevel villages, with designer shops and exclusive nightclubs. Undoubtedly, it is the benchmark in the French Alps for upmarket resorts. However, rest assured that a holiday here doesn't have to cost a small fortune!


Courchevel is part of the large ‘Les 3 Vallées’ ski area (the largest ski area in the world), which many skiers rightly regard as the greatest intermediate ski-playground in the world! This impressive lift-linked ski area is formed of 8 ski resorts:

Les 3 Vallées offers you a total of 600km of high altitude and snow-sure ski slopes (150km in Val Thorens itself) - every ski enthusiast’s dream! Amazing skiing can be had right from the beginning of the winter season in the Les 3 Vallées ski area and there is something for everyone - no matter what your style or ability. Renowned for its quality of snow and modern ski lift system, Val Thorens is a perfect ski resort for everyone.

The 3 Valleys benefit from excellent snow coverage - the minimum altitude level for skiing is 1300m and the maximum is 3230m. This means that a huge 85% of the ski area is located above 1800m. Some 2000 snowmaking machines cover a third of the ski area as well. The 3 Valleys offer wide ski runs that are maintained nightly by 80 piste grooming machines.

Set in a truly beautiful landscape, the slopes of Courchevel face north or north-east making them very snow-sureMoreover, and unlike many other ski areas which are connected by runs at the bottom of the valley where the snow cover is often uncertain, the 3 Valley resorts are connected over the ridges at altitudes above 2000m. Courchevel (formally known as Courchevel 1850) has some of the best access to the other resorts of the Les 3 Vallées and has a gondola that takes you up to ‘La Vizelle’ at 2695m. Courchevel Moriond (formally known as Courchevel 1650) has its own ski area where some of the best slopes for early intermediates can be found as well as some of the best nursery slopes. 

On the edge of the traditional wide ski runs, the eastern side of the 3 Valleys is waiting to be discovered: in the Saint-Bon Valley and on the borders of the Courchevel ski area you will find sunny Moriond. The Saint Bon Valley offers some of the most beautiful wooded sectors of Les 3 Vallées. The western side of the 3 Valleys is represented by the Belleville Valley and at the top of the valley sits the imposing resort of Val Thorens and its circle of glaciers and peaks that reach over 3000m.

Additional ski fact info, main ski info in resort facts box at top of page (21/22):

Courchevel/La Tania local area

150km of pistes, 57 lifts (1 cablecar, 9 gondola, 17 chairlifts, 25 draglifts, + moving carpets), 102 slopes:

Green slopes: 18
Blue slopes: 38
Red slopes: 35
Black slopes: 10



With over 50 low-level runs (green/blue), the local Courchevel ski area (150km) offers an ideal selection of slopes for beginners and early intermediates. The slopes are wide, gentle and well-maintained and the ski lifts are easily accessible – the perfect combination for learning to ski or snowboard.

There are 4 fun ‘Zen’ areas for beginners in Courchevel (2 in 1850, 1 in Moriond and 1 in Le Praz) that have been especially created for you to be able to ski in complete safety. These areas allow you learn, practice and gain confidence at your own pace amongst other skiers and boarders of the same level in a safe and enclosed area.

Courchevel 1850: Pralong ZEN (alongside the ski tows at La Ferme and the Altiport) and Golf ZEN (accessed by the Jardin Alpin cable car; 2 magic carpet lifts in the area)
Courchevel Moriond: Mickey ZEN (alongside Mickey tow)
Courchevel Le Praz: Envolee ZEN (alongside the Envolee ski tow)

The Western Skipark - discover a fun, safe and enclosed area in the land of Cowboys and Indians! With its wide, gentle runs accessed by magic carpets, your children will love their snowsports experience and enjoy the need for speed with a capital S in this Western-themed atmosphere. And if they want to have a break, they can head to the Indians camp at the top of the safe zone! Access is via the Ariondaz gondola lift.


The local Courchevel ski area (150km) has over 70 intermediate runs (blue/red) so there are plenty of runs for progressing and more advanced intermediates to practice new skills, improve techniques and push limits. Of course, if you want to venture outside of the local Courchevel area, then you have over 600km in the 3 Valleys domain. More than plenty to keep you occupied on your ski holiday.

For higher intermediates and experts, Courchevel Guides are offering the chance for you to discover wide open spaces thanks to a 2-hour introduction (the Back Country Check Up) to take you off the beaten track, learn the basics of powder skiing, grasp downhill sections, practise turns and make rapid progress in complete safety.


With over 10 black runs, the local Courchevel ski area (150km) offers good terrain for experts (and plenty of red runs too if you children quite fancy the blacks!). Some of the best runs are at the top of the ‘Saulire’ cable car. Those looking for a challenge should try the 2000m/6560ft vertical from La Saulire to Bozel which is below Le Praz.

The whole Saulire/Creux sector, which has an impressive network of red and black runs ranging from 2000m – 2700m, has renowned red runs including ‘Saulire’, ‘Marmottes’, ‘Park City’, ‘Creux’ and ‘Jean Pachod’. And recommended blacks runs: ‘Grand Couloir’, ‘Combe des Pylônes’, ‘M’, ‘Suisses’, ‘Turcs’, ‘Roches Grises’ and ‘Chanrossa’.

There are also beautiful black runs towards Courchevel Le Praz – especially ‘Jockeys’ and ‘Jean Blanc’. It is also good to know that these runs are ideal when visibility is poor.

Of course, the 3 Valleys domain is right there for the taking, so a venture outside the local Courchevel area will not disappoint! The Belleville Valley (Les Menuires and Val Thorens) is a little out of the way but easy to get to if you are a good skier and well worth it. The steep slopes of ‘Pointe de la Masse’ or the red and black runs of the ‘Cime Caron’ at 3200m are just fantastic.


The local Courchevel area and the whole 3 Valleys offer a lot of off-piste skiing. The safest and easiest off-piste nearest to Courchevel can be found in the ‘Bel Aire’ area which is just above Courchevel Moriond – either side of Chapelets/Signal/Pyramide.

A mountain guide is highly recommended for off-piste skiing in Courchevel – not only for your own safety but also to experience the very best off-piste that Courchevel and Les 3 Vallées has to offer.

The Freeride Lab in the Creux Noirs area starts winter 2019/20. At 2,705m, it is a steep high altitude area with two red runs and one black slope and access to super off-piste. The area has been redesigned: the old chairlift removed and a new 350m long drag lift installed to give quick access to the top. The red and black slopes here won’t be groomed anymore so skiers and boarders can enjoy the plentiful powder


  • The Fun Park: a fun and easy natural canyon to be enjoyed without reserve (level: 1st star)
  • The Stop Zone: an area to learn about speed and stopping distances.
  • Snake Park: fun and accessible boarder-cross run.
  • Avalanch'Camp: an area to raise skiers’ awareness of avalanches and techniques for searching for victims beneath avalanches.
  • Wood Park: an area equipped with wooden modules (rails, tables) for discovering freestyle.
  • BMW XDrive: Challenge your friends on this timed slalom and get back your video!
  • Family Park: snowpark equipped with a boardercross run, rails, tables and jumps.


There are 66km miles of cross-country trails in Courchevel. Most start from Courchevel 1850 but there are circuits and itineraries departing from each Courchevel village, all varying in distance from 2.5km-17km. All completely free of charge!

Try the sunniest run: La Boucle du Belvédère (5 kilometres) with stunning panoramic views over the Mont Charvet ridges.

Pre-book your Courchevel ski hire with us

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Pre-book your Courchevel lift passes with us

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Your lift pass delivered FREE to your home - book your lift pass for Courchevel at least 14 days prior departure and we can arrange hands-free lift passes delivered to your home, meaning you can ski straight through the gates, giving you more piste time - at no extra cost! Please note you will not be required to hand over a voucher at the kiosk in resort (not applicable for free passes as you will be asked for a photo and a proof of age on site). Conditions apply. Please enquire with a member of the Ski Collection team for more details. 

Free lifts for beginners

In Courchevel, 9 ski lifts are free of charge for beginners (Petit Moriond gondola lift, Mickey, Cospillot, Bellecôte, Les Roys, L’Envolée, La Troïka ski tows, and Le Golf’s 2 moving walkways).

Half day and day passes available to buy locally (in €):

These short duration passes are available to book in resort on your arrival, in euros.

3 Valleys ski pass – ½ day and daily rates 2018/19:
1/2 day - €44 children, €55 adults
Day - €50 children, €62 adults

Courchevel Valley ski pass – ½ day and daily rates 2018/19:
1/2 day - €37 children, €46 adults
Day - €44 children, €55 adults

Courchevel Ski School

Ski school for children is available to book from 3 years to 11 years, in Courchevel Moriond, with Ski Collection. Children 3-5 years can go into ski kindergarten.

Private lessons can also be booked.

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

We can pre-book group AND private lessons in Courchevel for your party.

Ski School: Please note that lesson times are subject to change right until the last minute. Outside French school holidays the ski school reserves the right to cancel group lessons should numbers be insufficient. For peak periods (22/12-4/1, 9/2-8/3 & 6/4-26/4) we strongly recommend that you book as early as possible and in any case at least 6 weeks prior to the required dates. Morning lessons tend to get booked up first and therefore we may only be able to offer afternoon classes within 6 weeks of departure. In some resorts English speaking instructors may not always be available, particularly at peak times.

We cannot always guarantee that prices will be snowshoe than in Snowshoeingresort. When ski packs prices are calculated, the currency is bought at the exchange rates that apply at the time. You can be assured that once you have booked your extras if the pound depreciates, you will not be charged.

Courchevel childcare

Courchevel has acquired the Famille Plus label for its childcare facilities. Please view here for more information on the Famille Plus label.

For ESF ski lessons prices from 18 months, see our ski school tab. Ski Collection can pre-book ski lessons.

For creche under 18 months or non-ski creche until 5 years, see below. The creche is to be booked direct using the below contact details.

All winter, the nursery welcomes children from 6 months to Courchevel Moriond (Les Ptits Pralins). Mornings, afternoons, with or without lunch – flexibility is the name of the game! Eco-friendly bonus: organic food, eco-friendly cleaning products and waste repurposing. Open Sunday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Contact ESF Courchevel Moriond 1650 for prices and availability: 0033 479 06 34 72 or

The Courchevel children's village is the biggest in France! The ESF French Ski School’s Children’s Village in Courchevel (1850) is an enclosed, safe area covering 5-hectares, nestling between the pines, and all under the watchful eye of mascot Drago.

New 2018/19 - the Children’s Village canteen is being transformed into a Tavern this winter! Every lunchtime, knights and princesses will be welcomed to the venue, which can serve up to 120 lunches at a time... Another new development - a grotto has been fitted with lighting effects to welcome a sleeping Drago. In the children’s reception area, another Drago breathes… snow! And to round it all off, a reproduction of a castle enclosure with dungeons and a draw-bridge will appear on the Dragoshow site: torchlit descents take place once a week during French school holidays. So many new developments to round off the medieval atmosphere introduced last year with castle walls, wood cabins for elves and goblins, and a specially decorated gondola lift named “Dragovol”…

New 2018/19 - a mascot by your side... Children are now welcomed to Courchevel by Pooky. This sweet little new mascot will be part of all family entertainment and activities.

Top winter activities to experience in Courchevel

Please note Ski Collection do not book any activities and most activities are payable.

Courchevel as a whole offers a vast array of snow-sports and non-skiing activities. There are so many to list in detail, but here are a few highlights.

Snowsport activities:

Ice skating in 1850
The large indoor ice skating rink is open all season from mid-afternoon to evening (plus one late night per week).

Ice garden for the kiddies - late every Wednesday afternoon (4 pm - 6 pm), children can enjoy an introduction to winter sports while having fun in complete safety. A section of the ice rink is set aside as a fun, protected play area: an activity coordinator, slides and a range of teaching tools (tunnels, cones…) are specially installed for the sessions. What better way to help little ones feel confident enough to enjoy learning to skate!

1850 Toboggan run
A 2.3km toboggan run snakes through the forest between Courchevel (1850) and Courchevel Village. For nighttime descent, access is free via the Les Grangettes gondola lift from the time the ski slopes close and 7.30pm. During the day, ski shuttle buses run free of charge between the villages, providing access to the run.

For the little ones (3 to 10 years), you'll find a run equipped and maintained, in Courchevel 1850, at the top of Les Tovets chairlifts.

Moriond racing run toboggan
Discover the ultimate toboggan run at Courchevel Moriond! 3km of pure adrenaline to put your F1 driving skills to the test! Negotiate the Grand Prix hairpins, go full throttle on the straights, zoom through the 8 tunnels, fly around the carousel and throw yourself around the switchbacks of the 'double serpent'...Toboggan track open every afternoon plus floodlit racing until 7.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Night skiing
Every Wednesday, discover skiing by night on the Verdons run and in the Family Park. Les Verdons bar restaurant open, music on the Family Park, etc.

Olympic ski jumps
In Courchevel Le Praz, you’ll find something very different: the Olympic ski jumps (90 metres and 120 metres) used in the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games! Just next door, the site is rounded off by two other ski jumps, one 60 metres and the other 25 metres, on which beginners can have a go! And if you don’t feel like jumping, head inside the tower to find out a bit more about ski jumping during your visit with an exhibition tracing the sport’s history in the resort… Thanks to this Olympic stadium and its hotbed of young talent, the resort is considered one of the leading ski jumping sites in the world.

Other activities:

Located at the Grandes Combes, between Courchevel Village and Courchevel Moriond.
The largest aquafun centre in the mountains (10,000m2 indoor/5,000m2 outdoor) offers a cocktail of activities for an incredible time with the family: indoor surfing wave, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, giant five lane waterslide, wild river, surfing wave, children's play area with baby pool…

For complete relaxation and recuperation, head to Aquamotion’s aquawellness area. On the programme: steam bath, caldarium, sauna, sea cave, Jacuzzi… as well as massages, facial and body treatments and even cryotherapy in the 560m2 spa!

11-metre indoor climbing wall, a wall face (climbing without rope) and fun climbing units. Sections for adults and children. Booking compulsory.

One entry to Aquamotion and the aquafun centre comes free with any purchase of a 2-day or longer Courchevel skipass!

Bowling in 1850
8 alleys with children bumpers, pool and games. Discover the “Cosy Bar” and restaurant. Open all season from at 11am to 3am.

31 signposted and regularly maintained trails let you crisscross the resort on foot or on snowshoes, between forests and snow-covered mountaintops... Split between 22 groomed and maintained footpaths and 9 snowshoeing trails. There’s something for all abilities, with categories running from green to black, just like ski runs! As a bonus, if you get tired at the top of the mountains, ski lifts are free on the way down! 

New for 2018/19 - At the end of the day, La Maison Orcel invites guests to take part in a “sealskin hike” over an easy trail, at the top of which a surprise drink awaits them as they watch the sunset over the legendary 3 Vallées summits.

New for 2018/19 - Snow painting
This winter, La Maison Orcel is offering a fun art activity for children: eco-painting, which is painting on snow using eco-friendly dye.

Up in the trees mulled wine experience
Drink mulled wine from the treetops, a wonderful way to enjoy the view, nature and the fresh air with your feet dangling under a table as it hangs from the trees; a magical, unusual experience to share with family or friends.

Yoga for après-ski recuperation
After a ski session with the Courchevel Village ESF French Ski School, the Manalaya yoga school offers a restorative yoga class that includes stretching, whole-body relaxation to avoid muscle stiffness, and preparation for the next day’s skiing by visualising the right techniques, which will soon become second nature…

Other activities on offer include: cinema, cookery courses, fat bike, flights in planes/helicopters, hang gliding, hot-air balloon, ice climbing, microlighting, nordic walking, paragliding, ski joering, skydiving, snow cat driving, snow-scooter, snowmobile ride.

Further details can be found on the tourist office website -


Courchevel/La Tania Resort News and Events 2021/22


  • Courchevel and Meribel will host the 2023 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships! This fantastic news means exciting new developments in the area, with a total of 42 million Euros being invested. The competition is an Alpine Ski competition and has six categories run by the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski), with many of the top competitors excelling in more than one discipline, they are Downhill, Super G, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Alpine Combined, Parallel Slalom. The competition will run from the 6th - 19th of February 2023. Over 600 athletes from 75 countries take part in the competition. Pistes used will be the new Eclipse in Courchevel and the Roc De Fer in Meribel.


  • A new World Cup 2023 piste (named L’Eclipse - replacing some of the old black 'Jockeys' piste) has been constructed and is running from near the top of the Bouc Blanc chairlift down to Le Praz through the trees (set to be one of the most challenging, fastest and steepest (consistently steep, 30% gradient) race pistes in the World - 3.2km in length (so pretty long, if not longest black in 3 Valleys) and 944m vertical) and finishes on the roof of the new Alpinium building. It gives a bird’s eye views over Courchevel le Praz and the Olympic ski jumps. Not for the faint hearted!
  • New beginners' area - Major work has taken place in La Tania with a whole new beginners area and the re-shaping and moving of the Folyeres piste as it comes in to the resort to divert it around the first time skiers allowing them to learn the sport in a protected, safe environment, with new covered magic carpets/travelators (replacing the Troika draglift). The free beginners magic carpet at the top of the La Tania gondola has been moved to the right of the station
  • New tunnel for Arolles piste/Foret lift traffic under the World Cup piste just above the La Tania gondola (so when competitions are on, it doesn't disturb normal skier traffic)
  • Ski Lodge will be opening an outside bar for drinks and snacks
  • New gondola - transports 10 skiers per bubble and takes under 6 minutes to travel from Le Praz to Courchevel 1850. So you'll now be able to travel between Le Praz - 1850 and 1550 - 1850 from 7.45 until 23.30 on the lifts!
  • New restaurant - Bistro Machet (from Michelin Star chef Julien Machet of Le Farçon), formely Chrome bar
  • New re-charge points for mobile phones will be available across Courchevel and Mottaret – you will leave your phone in a locker with a charging point while you do a few runs
  • The Croisette building in 1850, which dates back to 1971, is being refurbished to allow easier access with escalators and make the building lighter and brighter to overlook the snowfront and provide a space for après-ski events
  • New relaxation area on the slopes above Courchevel Moriond 1650 - a favourite picnic spot for years, the plateau at the top of Signal chair is now equipped with more picnic tables and wooden sun loungers. This is a perfect spot to chill out on the slopes, offering fabulous views over the spectacular Brêche de Portetta
  • Giant photo frames - dotted around the ski area. You’ll find them on these summits: Signal (Courchevel), Col de la Loze, Roc de Fer, Mont Vallon (Méribel), Roc des 3 Marches (Les Menuires) and 3 Vallées Funitel (Val Thorens), XXL wooden bench at the top of Saulire
  • The Stade area at bottom of the Stade race slope has had huge land works and re-profiling the slope plus a new 3,000 square metre clubhouse
  • Aquamotion Restaurant – the restaurant accessible from the Aquamotion swimming pools is changing its name to 'Le Cellier Bis' with new decor and an updated menu. Also at Aquamoton the Ludiboo Club (for 3 to 6 year olds) allows parents a well-deserved break at the aqua wellness area or on the slopes whilst their little ones enjoy fun child-friendly supervised activities
  • New reservoir between Méribel and Courchevel - there's a huge new water reservoir used for snowmaking in Courchevel above La Tania and Courchevel 1850. Installed in time for both the 2022 World Cup Finals and the 2023 World Championships which Méribel and Courchevel will co-host

For other 3 Valleys news, see our sections on Val Thorens, Meribel and Les Menuires.

Check the Courchevel tourist office website for more exciting news from Les 3 Vallées:

Courchevel apres-ski, bars & restaurants

There is a vast choice of excellent bars and quality restaurants in Courchevel (and it's villages), meaning you'll never be bored! Courchevel has become a pioneer in gastronomy.

There are over 125 restaurants spread over the different Courchevel villages, including no fewer than 7 Michelin Star restaurants making it the strongest concentration of Michelin stars in the mountains. Courchevel (previously known as Courchevel 1850) has the selection of finest restaurants.

These Michelin starred restaurants include:

  • Le 1947 - Michelin starred since 2010 (***)
  • Le Chabichou - Michelin starred since 1979 (**)
  • Le Kintessence - Michelin starred since 2013 (**)
  • Le Montgomerie - Michelin starred since 2009 (**)
  • l'Azimut - Michelin starred since 2010 (*)
  • Le Baumaniere 1850 - Michelin starred since 2011 (*)
  • Le Farcon - Michelin starred since 2006 (*)

Some recommendations for restaurants (non-Michelin starred!)

  • The Italian - La Cendree
  • The Savoie Local - Le Caveau. Try the beef skewers suspended from the ceiling above your table!
  • Apres-ski - Le Burger d'a Cote. Homemade burgers including duck, veal and lamb
  • On the slopes - Les Chenus. Sunny terrace with beautiful views
  • Le C bistrot, part of residence Le C

Mountain Restaurants
There are 10 mountain restaurants to choose from in Courchevel.

There are over 20 bars in Courchevel, so plenty of options for a relaxed après-ski drink or a full night of partying! Your choice!

Folie Douce Val Thorens (bar/restaurant)
The famous La Folie Douce open-air restaurant/bar/club on the ski slopes is a must! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is one of a kind. Generally, there is a show with the dancers/actors, followed by an afternoon DJ set on the sunny terrace. Dancing on tables allowed! There is a VIP area, should you wish to indulge. There are 2 restaurants plus a food van next door - the self-service (La Petite Cuisine) open noon-3pm and the fine dining experience at the famous La Fruitiere (gourmet brasserie) has two services at noon and 2pm.

La FruitiereChef Damien de Valukhoff and his team perform with simplicity and finesse a seasonal French cuisine combining tradition and modernity. All the creative dishes are made with fresh local products. With its selection of refined Local cheeses from Savoy such as the génépi flavoured Tomme, Reblochon, and Beaufort La Fruitière is delighted to present you the excellence of the know-how from the producers of our country. They also have killer desserts!

Next to the Folie Douce Chalet, the Folie Food Ratrack offers a high quality snacking meals to take away or eat on site. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Salmon Bagels, homemade French fries, waffles, cookies, you will find what you need to feast.

Access on skis or on foot (chairlifts LES PIONNIERS & PLEIN SUD).

Igloo Village Val Thorens (new for 19/20) (bar/restaurant)
The highest of its kind in Europe, it will offer an unforgettably cool experience - a living and fun space made from snow and ice. The amazing grotto promises to take people of all ages into a spectacular magical frozen world where they can eat, drink, sleep and play.
Set on the Combe de Thorens green run, the Igloo Village can be reached on skis or by foot. The
outdoor terrace is the perfect place to take a break between ski descents or to soak up amazing views over the resort.
Covering an area of 150m2, it houses several different zones:

  • A 50m2 Ice Bar. Open every day from 10am to 5pm, guests can choose from a large selection of drinks and admire the snow and ice sculptures
  • A 35m2 restaurant. Visitors can enjoy an authentic Savoyard fondue all snuggled up in warm blankets. The Igloo Village is open every Wednesday evening for dinner. The €49 set menu includes a fondue and platter of cured meat, as well as wine and dessert. Booking is required
  • A specially designed area to host events and business conferences.
  • Bedrooms carved from ice. Chill out for a super cool night like no other! There are two rooms

Courchevel amenities

The villages of Courchevel as a whole offers more than 100 shops. You are sure to find all the amenities you need during your stay including: food stores, bakeries, butchers, regional products, chocolate shop, chemist, doctors, dentist, physiotherapist, bank with cash machine, post office, souvenir shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, sport shops and not forgetting all the altitude fashion shops you can dream of, offering all the latest collections in designer wear!

Food Stores
There is one supermarket in Courchevel, offering groceries, local products, charcuterie meats, cheese counter, fine wines, English products, bio and gluten-free products, bread delivery service and loan of fondue and raclette equipment: 
Supérette Sherpa – Tel: +33 (0)4 79 08 40 39. Le Forum, Courchevel.

There is a local market once a week in Courchevel, on the road below La Croisette area of the village. There are approximately 20 stallholders selling a variety of products from jewellery, clothing and sunglasses to regional food products and sweets. There is also a weekly market in Courchevel Moriond (1650).

Getting to Courchevel, France

By Road: 
From Calais, take A26 Motorway to Reims and Troyes, then A5 Motorway to Dijon, then A39 motorway to Lons-le-Saulnier and Bourg-en-Bresse, then A40-A42 Motorway heading towards Lyon. Take exit 8, drive through Ambérieu-en-Bugey, follow N504 towards and up to Chambéry, then take A43 motorway and A430 motorway to Albertville. Continue on N90 to Moûtiers and take the D915 signposted Courchevel and becoming D91a. Go straight on and this will take you to the main village square of Courchevel.

By Air:
Courchevel Altiport International is located on the slopes of Courchevel!

Chambery to Courchevel: 60 miles, approximately 1hr 30. 

Lyon to Courchevel: 113 miles, approximately 2hrs 30. 

Geneva to Courchevel: 115 miles, approximately 2hrs 30.

Private taxi transfers from airports to Courchevel are pre-bookable via Ski Collection. See our airport & station transfers page for more information.

By Rail:
Taking the Eurostar from London couldn’t be easier. We offer 2 options: direct Ski Train (St Pancreas or Ashford to Moûtiers or Bourg-St-Maurice) or Eurostar Beyond (with a change at Paris).

See our train services page for more information. The nearest train station to Courchevel is Moûtiers, which is approximately 16 miles away (30 minutes).

Private taxi transfers from Moûtiers to Courchevel are pre-bookable via Ski Collection! See our airport & station transfers page for more information.

Bus Transfers:
Altibus offer bus lines from Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Genève-Cointrin (Geneva), Chambéry/Aix les Bains airports and Moûtiers SNCF train station to the ski resort of Courchevel.

Car Hire: 
Ski Collection can arrange very competitive car hire at all airports, train stations and other town locations. See our car hire page for more information.

Resort Shuttle Bus in Courchevel:
There is a fast and very efficient free shuttle bus service that connects all the villages of Courchevel. The route between Courchevel (1850m), Courchevel Moriond (1650m), Courchevel Village (1550m) and Courchevel Le Praz (1300m) runs every 30 minutes from 07:00 – 01:30.

There is another route which runs solely between Courchevel Moriond (1650) and Courchevel (1850) every 10 minutes. And in additionsunset there is also an hourly service connecting Saint Bon, La Tania and Bozel to Courchevel (1850m), Courchevel Moriond (1650m), Courchevel Village (1550m) and Courchevel Le Praz (1300m).

In 2018, 12 shuttle bus stops have had a GPS system installed so predicted arrival times can be displayed.

Resort Parking in Courchevel:
There are 2 covered public car parks for holiday-makers in Courchevel: Parking de la Croisette (P1, 320 spaces) and Parking de Bellecôte (P4, 220 spaces). They are both accessible 24/7, equipped with access control via a tag, key-code or magnetic ticket and the first hour is free of charge.

Courchevel Opening Dates

See resort opening information

Accommodation in Courchevel Moriond

Ski Collection Premium

Manali Lodge

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 10

The iconic 5 star Hotel Manali, one of the most prestigious in the 3 Valleys and for the past ten years an embodiment of the height of luxury, has undergone a total refurbishment and transformed into possibly the area’s best self-catering accommodation, being renamed the Manali Lodge.

Ski Collection Premium

Canyon Lodge

Self Catered Chalets Sleeps 1 - 10

Newly built for the 2019-20 season, the Canyon Lodge is bound quickly to become one of the places to stay in the 3 Valleys. The Canyon Lodge is an exclusive development of luxury chalets offering a wonderfully peaceful location in the Belvédère quarter just above the resort, ski-in, ski-out, 200m from the Ariondaz gondola and ski school meeting point and 300m from the wide choice of the resort’s fine shops, bars and restaurants.

Ski Collection Premium

Residence Whistler Lodge

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 11

The 6 luxury apartments that make up the 'lodge' are split across two chalets. They are spacious and well-designed and decorated in a contemporary style that makes them easy to relax in. They all offer wonderful open views over the Courchevel valley and are centrally located just off the main street of Courchevel Moriond and 100m from a wide choice of bars, shops and restaurants.

Ski Collection Premium

Residence Aspen Lodge

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 8 Luxury

This stylish property houses 13 luxury apartments in two chalets. It is centrally located on the main street of Courchevel Moriond and 50m from a wide choice of bars, shops and restaurants. You can ski back to Aspen Lodge, access to the local area is via lifts just 150m away. Its spacious apartments are well designed and decorated in a relaxed, contemporary style. They all offer wonderful open views over the Courchevel valley.

Ski Collection Premium

Residence Keystone Lodge

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 11

Built in 2015, this property offers 9 luxury apartments in two chalets. These stunning apartments are spacious and tastefully furnished in a contemporary style. The apartments have wonderful open views over the Courchevel valley and are centrally located just off the main street of Courchevel Moriond and 150m from a wide choice of bars, shops and restaurants.

Ski Collection Premium

Residence Mammoth Lodge

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 14

Built in 2017, this luxury property is made up of 13 stunning apartments in two chalets. The spacious, contemporary apartments have fabulous open views over the Courchevel valley and are centrally located just off the main street of Courchevel Moriond and 150m from a wide choice of bars, shops and restaurants. Take advantage of the breakfast and apéritif delivery service.

Ski Collection Premium

Residence le C

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 10 New to programme

The 10 luxury apartments and one penthouse apartment in Residence C's two chalets are centrally located just off the main street of Courchevel Moriond and 100m from a wide choice of bars, shops and restaurants. Built in 2017, the property's apartments are spacious, comfortable and well-equipped. They all offer wonderful open views over the Courchevel valley. Facilities include a spa with sauna and hot tub.

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