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Tignes Val Claret (Espace Killy) Resort Picture
1 of 8 Tignes Val Claret (Espace Killy) Resort Picture
Tignes Val Claret Resort Picture
2 of 8 Tignes Val Claret Resort Picture
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
3 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
4 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
5 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
6 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
7 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area
8 of 8 Tignes (Espace Killy) Ski Area

Tignes Val Claret

Thinking of skiing in Tignes Val Claret? At 2300m, Tignes Val-Claret is the highest and most lively village in Tignes and is situated at the foot of the funicular transportation to the glacier.

Why Tignes Val Claret Ski Resort?

  • Easy access to the whole of the Espace Killy ski area
  • High-altitude & snowsure resort
  • Lively après-ski – and plenty of it!

Tignes can be found in the Tarentaise area of France, in the Northern French Alps and is a purpose-built ski resort within the Tignes-Val d'Isere ski area (formally the Espace Killy), which ranks as one of the best winter sports centres in the world! Huge investment, progression and development over the past 50 years has seen Tignes grow into one of Europe’s most comprehensive ski destinations, yet it has still been able to maintain its traditional French Alpine ambience.

A regular and very efficient free shuttle bus service connects all the villages of Tignes (except Tignes les Brevieres).

Tignes is set at the foot of the twin peaks of La Grande Motte Glacier (3656m) and La Grande Casse (3852m) – meaning that you can even ski here in the summer! This ski resort has a highly sporting reputation and hosts many celebrities on training courses, including the French national football team.

Tignes Val-Claret has a fun, modern and upbeat atmosphere, with entertaining nightlife for those who want it. The bustling ski resort of Val d'Isère can be easily reached from Tignes, via the ski lifts (30 minutes) or bus (15 minutes) - allowing easy access to a whole host of shops, restaurant and bars - great for après-ski or an opportunity to explore for non-skiers. There is where the famous Folie Dolie party venue is.

Tignes is proud to have been elected ‘The Sportiest Town’ by the French daily sports paper, ‘L’Equipe’! This was due to various factors including its outstanding sporting infrastructure, hosting numerous sporting events on an international scale, welcoming high-profile sports stars (such as the French football team), the high level of Tignes-born sportsmen and women, and a sports-mad clientele and community. Many towns are famous for their flowers but Tignes has sport in its blood!

Read how a late season team trip to Tignes and Val d’Isère reminded us what’s so special about this huge ski area


The two ski resorts of Tignes and Val d'Isère make up the Tignes-Val d'Isere (formally Espace Killy) ski area, located in the Tarentaise area of the Savoie department in the Northern French Alps. There are multiple villages in Tignes including:

It provides a large well-linked and high-altitude ski area with a very reliable snow record (it's open 11 months of the year!), thanks to the La Grande Motte Glacier and the fact that it backs onto the peaks of the Italian border. According to 'Where to Ski and Snowboard' Tignes is listed as "Good snow guaranteed for a long season - about the best Alpine bet". You can also ski the glacier in the summer months with our sister company Peak Retreats.

As a whole, the Tignes-Val d'Isere ski area has become one of Europe’s premier ski resorts. With its varied ski terrain, easy ski access and excellent lift system, it offers something for everyone – from complete beginners to thrill-seeking off-pisters! 

Tignes has a lot to offer including the Grande Motte glacier served by a modern funicular railway which takes experts as well as intermediates to the panoramic platform at 3030m within just 7 minutes! The Perce-Neige funicular, which took 4 years to construct, departs from Tignes Val Claret. It carried its first passengers in April 1993, and can transport 3000 people per hour travelling at a speed of 12 metres per second! At the top you will find a beautifully located panoramic restaurant with the most stunning views, brilliant ski slope options and the cable car to conquer the Grande Motte glacier!

The cable car will take you to new heights at 3456m. It can transport 3000 people per hour thanks to its two cabins and all at a speed of 10m per second! From the top you can enjoy a thrilling ski down to Tignes Les Brévières, have a mountain guide take you to the very summit of the Grande Motte glacier or as a pedestrian simply marvel at the glorious surrounding mountains from the various viewpoints.

Tignes invests money every year in the lift system, to ensure high performance and make sure you reach the slopes in comfort and as fast as possible. This ski resort has certainly come a very long way since the very first lift installed in the old village of Tignes back in 1936!

Tignes Val Claret has direct links to the Tignes ski area, the Grande Motte glacier and the whole ski area. The Funicular, Tichot, Bollin, Fresse, Les Lanches and Tufs lifts are all within five minutes of each other. Tignes Val Claret is set on two levels: the bottom level with access to the Tignes side of the mountain via the Tichot chairlift and the Grande Motte glacier via the funicular, while the higher level takes you over to Val d’Isère via the Tufs chairlift. The ‘Palafour’ chairlift will take you up the Tignes side of the mountain where the recently built Toviere gondola provides the main route to Val d’Isère in just 5 minutes, thanks to its bright 10-seat gondolas that can transport 3 300 pers/hour.

From Tignes Val Claret you can get a chairlift to the ‘Col de Fresse’ and from here you can access the ski slopes of Val d’Isère also – within 30 minutes by ski or a 15-minute drive, so you really have two resorts in one.

For those with their own car, yet more skiing is available fairly nearby in the following ski areas: Sainte Foy is a 30-minute drive from Tignes Val Claret; Les Arcs is 45-60 minutes; whilst La Rosière and La Plagne are about 60 minutes away. And don’t forget you have Val d'Isère just 25 minutes by car (or ski across from Tignes) plus the other Tignes villages. A day of skiing at most of these resorts is possible at no additional cost with lift passes valid for six days or more.

Additional ski fact info 2019/20, main ski info in resort facts box at top of page

Tignes only - 33 lifts (1 funicular, 4 gondola/cable car, 20 chairlifts, 8 draglifts/moving carpets), 78 slopes:

Green slopes: 7
Blue slopes: 35
Red slopes: 21
Black slopes: 15

355 snow cannons



On your own or with a ski instructor, 'Ski Start' enables you to progress safely in specially adapted areas.

The Ski Start progression zone 1 & 2 are free, and for the zone 3 you need a skipass (Tignes 1 day or more...), so let start start skiing!

  • 100% beginner, discover! I am learning to ski on gentle terrain with beginner ski lifts. Free magic carpets: "Lac", "1800" and "Val Claret" carpets.
  • 75% beginner, learn! I am making progress and enjoying the feeling of skiing. Free chairlifts & draglift: "Bollin" in Tignes Val Claret, "Almes" and "Rosset" in Tignes le Lac, "Lavachet" in Tignes le Lavachet.
  • 30% beginner, evolve! I am moving onto blue runs in the Ski Start 3 progression zones with longer ski lifts... I buy my ski pass (Tignes or Tignes & Val d'Isère).

The particularity of the Tignes ski area is such that it allows beginners to rapidly head for the summits. There’s no question of remaining on the snow front when the call of the Grande Motte Glacier is so tempting! Two beautiful blue runs, located at 3,032 metres altitude (Génépy & Rabotch), enable novice skiers to enjoy a fabulous downhill run with an impressive 570m vertical drop.

View beginners guide/map here

For complete beginners: enjoy FREE access to 9 lifts/carpets in Tignes to practice your first curves and gain confidence before hitting the slopes of the Tignes-Val d'Isere ski area: 

Tignes Val Claret:

  • Bollin chairlift
  • Claret carpet

Tignes Le Lac:

  • Rosset chairlift
  • Centre carpet
  • Almes chairlift

Tignes Le Lavachet:

  • Lavachet skilift/draglift

Tignes 1800:

  • 1 Tignes 1800 carpet
  • 2 Tignes 1800 carpet

Tignes les Brévières:

  • (Grand) Parei skilift/draglift

Lognan’ is ideal for novices and families as the slopes are broad and not especially difficult.


For adventurous intermediates, Tignes is one of the best ski resorts, with a big lift network and extensive intermediate slopes. Tignes boasts the Grande Motte glacier which is highly recommended to intermediates with a bit of confidence. Take the funicular train from Tignes Val Claret and within just 7 minutes you will find yourself at 3030m with a good selection of great blue, red and black runs. Low intermediates will find the blue runs are quite wide as well as lots of fun!


Tignes is a mecca for experts and offers many challenging runs. With experts and the more adventurous in mind, Tignes has converted many of its black runs into ‘Naturides’ – meaning the runs are marked, patrolled and avalanche protected, yet never groomed – therefore preserving the natural terrain and gaining layers of powder and mogul fields.

Naturides® runs:
  • Tovière area: Pâquerettes, Envers de Campanules and Aster
  • Palet area: Guerlain Chicherit and Golf
  • Aiguille Percée area: Aiguille Percée, Œillet, Epilobes and Silène
  • Grande Motte area: Leisse

The scenic Vallon de La Sache black run down to Tignes Les Brevières should not be missed: overlooked by the Sache glacier, this run has a descent of 1200m vertical down a breathtaking valley in the national park. You start at l’Aiguille Percee (2750m) and arrive down in Tignes Les Brevieres below the Tignes dam. Another not to be missed is the long black run from Tovière to Tignes Le Lac.


Tignes-Val d'Isere has some of the best lift served off-piste in the world! Easily accessible and beautiful yet challenging, steep and interesting – it has it all and is sure to please the thrill-seekers in your party. From intermediate to free-rider, there is a vast variety of terrain to suit all levels. For first timers Lognan is ideal.

The main off-piste areas in Tignes can be found above Tignes Val Claret, Tignes Le Lavachet, on the Grande Motte Glacier and in Tignes Les Brévières. It is imperative to have an expert guide or instructor, as it is very easy to get lost, safety has to come first and also by having an expert you will get to experience the very best runs.

In Val d’Isère, the major off-piste areas are: La Daille, Solaise, Bellevard, Pissaillas and Fornet. La Vallée Perdue (The Lost Valley) is a popular off-piste run, from the bottom of Tommeuses down into La Daille experience tall rock walls, narrow canyons and (depth of snow depending) even a small cave to crawl through!

For the more adventurous of you, Heli-skiing is available in Tignes! However, heli-drops are actually forbidden in France, so it’s a slightly bizarre form. From Tovière you can ski down towards the Lac du Chevril to be retrieved by a chopper!


Tignes-Val d'Isere has 52km (33 miles) of cross-country trails dedicated to Nordic skiing. Tignes has four trails, three of which are located along the valley between Tignes Val Claret and Tignes-le-Lac – all of these are flat and easy. The fourth trail is more challenging and can be found in Tignes Les Brévières, winding around the lake ‘Lac de Tignes’, surrounded by trees.


Quite rightly, Tignes is very popular with snowboarders. Not only is there a snow park, boardercross and Glisspark but there are wide pistes such as Carline and Piste H plus lots of easily accessible off-piste areas – perfect for snowboarders. Another bonus is that drags can generally be avoided as gondolas and chairs are more favoured.

The terrain park is located in Tignes Val Claret and is known as the ‘Swatch Park’, due to Swatch installing cameras on a small jump at the end of the park.

A larger snowpark can be found in Val d’Isère and is known as the ‘DC Val Park’. Located at 2500m on the La Daille/Bellevarde sector, access from Tignes Val Claret is via the Bollin Express, from Tignes le Lac via the Toviere gondola from Val d’Isère via the Daille funicular or Bellevarde cable car. This park has been approved by The French Snowboard Federation, proving its high standard. This snowpark is equipped with 1 x 3 seated chairlift, 2 draglifts, 1 rope tow, 1 quarter pipe, 1 boardercross for all levels, different jumps and hips for all levels, several low/high, single/double rails plus 1 Rainbow and 1 Fun Box. There is also a hut for refreshments and a deck chair area where you can sit back and relax, whilst listening to some music and taking in all the slope action. Not to be missed: Late March is Valpark Week, where the pros arrive for a helicopter photo-shoot!

Fun ski areas in Tignes

Fun runs: Turn n' run (free access)

Make learning to ski a real pleasure. The fun runs invite the big and small to discover skiing whilst having the most amount of fun: snow tunnels, woops, banked turns, sound apparatuses, mini box…

Specifically designed with families in mind.

Tignes le Lac: the Almes Turn N’ Run, accessible via the Almes chairlift (free)

Tignes Val Claret: the Boïu Turn N’ Run accessible via the Bollin chairlift (free)

Open every day.

Gliss'park (free access)

Parallel slalom and mini boarder cross: challenge the next generation of champions in their own playground! Open every day from 11am to 3.30pm.

Located at the foot of the Palafour chairlift in Tignes le Lac, at the bottom of the Anémone run.

Boardercross (free access)

Come and try out the course, with more than 1200m of banked turns, woops, bumps and extreme corners! The boardercross is part of the DC Park.

Open every day from 10am to 4pm - closures possible depending on weather conditions

Access via the Col du Palet ski lift.

Snowpark and Easyparks (free access)

Beginner or intermediate ? The two Easy Parks are meant for you! Their lines of green and blue tables and rails are the perfect environment for getting used to freestyle.

Advanced or expert ? Head to the red and black jumps on the Snowpark! Stylish rotations and clean slides: let yourself be inspired by the greatest riders.

Tignes Val Claret Ski Hire

Pre-book your Tignes Val Claret ski hire with Ski Collection.

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Special offers: *7 days for the price of 6.  Free Skis/snowboard & boots (Blue/Red) for party leaders of groups of 10 or more all taking equipment. 1 Free helmet per child aged 6 and under for every adult booking skis or snowboards & boots (must be under same booking reference and requested on form above). Other duration prices on request - Cross Country ski prices on request.

Tignes 1800 Ski Passes

Pre-book your Tignes lift passes with Ski Collection.

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Free lifts in Tignes


In Tignes, enjoy free access to 6 lifts to practice your first curves before hitting the slopes of the Espace Killy Tignes-Val d'Isère ski area: 

Tignes le Lac / Le Lavachet:
 - Rosset chairlift
 - Lavachet skilift

Tignes Val Claret:
 - Claret skilift
 - Bollin chairlift

Tignes les Brévières:

 - Brévières chairlift
 - Pitôts skilift

Other lift pass on offer (to buy locally in resort in Euros):

Tignes Val d'Isere ski pass – ½ day and daily rates 2019/20 :

½ day - €37.50 children, €45 adults
Day - €49 children, €61 adults

Tignes ski pass – ½ day and daily rates 2019/20:

½ day - €33 children, €41 adults
Day - €41 children, €51 adults

Tignes  Val Claret Ski School

Pre-book your Tignes Val Claret ESF ski school with Ski Collection.

Ski school for children is available to book from 4 years to 13 years, in Tignes, with Ski Collection. 3 year olds will go into the Piou Piou lessons. Children can learn to snowboard from 8 years+.

For ski school times and prices, please download the ski extras form from the 'Helpful links' further down the page. Please note these are just guiding prices. Please call us for the latest prices.

Please note that lesson times are subject to change right until the last minute - you will be advised. Outside French school holidays the ski school reserves the right to cancel group lessons should numbers be insufficient. For peak periods - Christmas, New Year, February half-term and Easter - we strongly recommend that you book as early as possible and in any case at least 6 weeks prior to the required dates. Morning lessons tend to get booked up first and therefore we may only be able to offer afternoon classes within 6 weeks of departure. In some resorts English speaking instructors may not always be available, particularly at peak times.

We cannot always guarantee that prices will be cheaper than in resort. When ski packs prices are calculated, the currency is bought at the exchange rates that apply at the time. You can be assured that once you have booked your extras, if the pound depreciates, you will not be charged more for your ski packs, enabling you to budget for your holiday in advance.

Tignes private lessons 19/20 (not pre-bookable, book direct):

Individual tuition can only be purchased directly from the ski school. Peak Retreats cannot pre-book these.

€52 for 1 hour lesson for 1-3 pers
€78 for 1.5 hour lesson for 1-3 pers

Please note that prices are only an indication and are subject to change

Ski school Tignes contact numbers for private lessons:

Ecole du Ski Français: Tel. 0033 4 79 06 30 28

Tignes childcare (no ski - not pre-bookable with Ski Collection)

"Les P'tits Lutins" is located at the heart of Tignes le Lac (a short bus ride from Val Claret), facing the slopes and close to ski schools. Open from Sunday to Friday during the winter season. Welcoming children from 18 months to 6 years with a possibility of accompaniment and pick up from ski lessons.

Hours - 8h45 to 17h15.

Rue du Rosset

Le Rosset
Telephone: 0033 457 37 31 11

Resort Activities

And it’s not all about the skiing! There are numerous activities to try in Tignes Val Claret:

The ‘Fresh Tracks’ Experience

Every Wednesday from December to April, you can be the first to leave your tracks on Tignes’ pistes! You take the funicular in Tignes Val Claret at 08:30 and will be met by the ski patrollers for a briefing and breakfast. Then grab your skis for a 900m slide down from the Grande Motte Glacier to the heart of the resort. What better way to start the day?

Fresh Tracks session: From €15/person. You can book Saturday - Tuesday at the Grande Motte sales office. The meeting time at the funicular departure is 08:20. A valid Tignes or Tignes Val d'Isere lift pass is compulsory and this activity is, of course, subject to weather and snow conditions.

Bureau des Guides de Tignes

Various exciting and thrilling winter activities, such as Off-piste skiing, Mountaineering & Ice-climbing.

The experienced guides will let you discover the beautiful off-piste sectors of the Haute Tarentaise – whilst keeping you safe and on the right tracks. Off-piste itineraries include:

  • Vallons de la Sâche & Tour de Pramecou in Tignes
  • Tour du Charvet & l’Envers de Cugnaï in Val d’Isère
  • Vallon de Ponteil in La Rosière
  • Monal & Col du Granier in Sainte Foy
  • Lanches & Grand Col in Les Arcs

Mountaineering itineraries include:

  • Le Col des Fours & Le Mont Roup in Espace Killy
  • Les Arêtes de Montséti in Saint Foy
  • Le Col des Roches in Paradiski
  • Le Dômes de Vaugel on the versant du Soleil

Ice-climbing itineraries include:

  • La Cascade de la Savinaz & Les Cascades de la Roger’s Vallée in Tignes
  • La Cascade de la Daille in Val d’Isère
  • La Cascade du Mône in Peisey

Prices from €260/half day (4 hours, group of 6 people) and €360/day (1-3 people) or €400/day (4-6 people). 12 years+ for ice climbing, 14 years + for other activities. The loan of safety equipment is also possible.


Meeting in La Rosière, then departing from Col du Petit Bernard, discover the peaks and glaciers by helicopter before taking to your skis! Over 30 descents possible including Le Ruitor, Le Miravidi, Le Dôme des Glaciers and Château Blanc. Price from €250/person (based on 4 people in the group).


This is an extraordinary way of exploring the winter mountains. Perfect family activity, 10 years +. Prices from €30/person/half day. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 42 76. Website:

Ice-Karting & Paragliding – Val Claret Centre

Experience the thrills and fun of karting on ice or the intense emotion of soaring to new heights by paragliding (lessons from beginner to advanced levels + tandem discovery flights. Red Ski Organisation. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 31 80.

Micro-Light Flying departs from Palet Altiport, next to the Col des Vés chairlift in Tignes Val Claret. Put down your skis for a while, sit back, relax and take in the amazing view as you soar over the mountains in a pendular micro-light. And did you know? Micro-light flights do not make people feel sick, even people who suffer from vertigo or air-sickness!

No age restrictions, prices (based on 13/14): €70/15 minute flight (€90 with DVD) or €120/30 minute flight (€140 with DVD). Tignes Air Experience. Tel: +33 (0)6 08 37 39 35 or E-mail:

Mountain-Biking on Snow

ESF Ski School: Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 31 28. Website: 

Snow Eagles: Tel: +33 (0)4 79 22 37 31. Website:

Snowkite – Tignes Val Claret

Ride the slopes (up and down!) thanks to a big kite! Freeride, freestyle, cross-country skiing, everything is possible – so why not take a ride off the beaten tracks and taste a bit of freedom. Please note: You must be confident on a blue run (ski or snowboard) to try this new and exciting activity. 333 Ski & Snowboard School. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 20 88. E-mail:

Cinema – Val Claret Centre

How about a movie at 2100m? 2 screens, 1 of which is now 3D. €8/adult, €4/child under 14 years, €1/3D glasses. Children under 3 are free. 2 showings at 18:00 & 2 showings at 21.00, plus an extra screening at 14:30 in case of bad weather.
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 66 62. See for what is on.

Tignes Le Lac can be found approximately 2km from Tignes Val Claret and also offers numerous winter activities: dog sledging around the lake, ice-diving under the lake, snowmobiling, ‘Le Lagon’ aqua and spa centre (5000m2, swimming pools, flumes, sports complex, fitness classes, spa), ‘Tignespace’ 3500m2 indoor sports complex (this is also where most of the ‘Live in Tignes’ concerts are held: 12 concerts during the winter ski season, all with free admission (you still need to obtain a ticket from any of the Tignes Tourist Offices), fun-packed evenings of musicians, bands, DJs and comedians. The full event details can be found on the Tignes Tourist Office website), Bungee trampoline, horse-riding on snow, ski jöring, library, internet café with over 30 computers, games room with pool tables and bowling.

You could also try the exciting thrill of Ice Driving at 1500m, on the ice track in Tignes Les Brévières! And for an unforgettable moment, helicopter tours can also be arranged!

Tignes Resort News and Events 2021/22


  • Two new ski touring trails - starting from Tignes le Lac (at the foot of the Almes chairlift) the Fastoche (+ 180m) and the Collu (+ 390m). These easy-level slopes complete the ski touring offer already available via the Pala’foulée slope (+ 450m). In total, 5 hiking trails are available this winter on the linked Tignes - Val d'Isère ski area (subject to snow conditions)
  • The two Easy parks - merge into a single spot opposite the DC Park
  • A new cable rope now connects the foot of the Merles chairlift to the Anemone slope in order to facilitate clockwise circling of the lake
  • A new photo trap (automatic photo point) is installed on the Merles chairlift, shortly before the disembarkation area, with the possibility of retrieving your photo on arrival
  • Modernised lift - The Marais chairlift has been updated! The previous lift has been replaced with a new 6 seater express lift, linking the Aiguille Rouge (above Tignes 1800) to the Aiguille Percée, with an estimated journey time of 8 minutes and 20 seconds!
  • Michelin Star Restaurant - La Maison Bouvier, run by chef Clément Bouvier, offers L'Ursus a gourmet restaurant. This restaurant offers you an unprecedented and unique experience and has gained its first Michelin star!
  • Ice Floating - Relaxation par excellence! Put on a dry suit and let yourself float on the surface of Lake Tignes! Available day and night and a great way to observe the peaks of Tignes from a new angle! The guide price is 45€ to 45€ per person. Over 14s only


  • 13 November 2021 - Derby de la Grande Motte
    It's a crazy idea, born in the minds of Tignaddicts who couldn't wait to "attack" the mythical red "Double M" run as nature made it. A vertical descent of 1300m to be navigated in teams of three people, with some fun little surprises along the way to spice things up! Starts at the Grande Motte glacier (3456m)
  • December 2021 Christmas
    There will be various activities for you to celebrate Christmas together including:
    -Decoration of the Maison de Tignes le Lac with illuminations and automatons
    -The tour of Santa Claus and his distribution of papillotes
    -Christmas music and decorations
  • 31 December – New Pop-Rock Party
    Celebrate New Year's Eve with Tignes & French radio RTL2 on Tignes le Lac snow front! Grab your down jacket and Moonboots and get ready to dance on the highest dance floor in Europe!
  • 6-8 February 2022 - Ride the Snake
    Style and nothing but style! The snowboarding event Ride the Snake is three days of festivities where style wins over substance! Fluid sequences, aesthetic tricks, goosebump-inducing runs with the twenty or so gigantic and curvy modules shaped for the occasion on the Palet sector. The "snow snake" will then be made available to the general public. A unique opportunity to let everyone express their creativity! In short, Ride the Snake is:
    -A snake run shaped for the occasion
    -3 days of festivities
    -Amateur contests (men, women, kids)
    -2 days of filming with 20 professional snowboarders
  • 5-12 March 2022 - Freestyle Week
    This is a stage of the Savoie Mont Blanc Freestyle Tour by FISE on skate, BMX, and scooter. Gathering the best of "everything that rides" in a big freestyle event dedicated to board culture, the programme includes:
    -Skiing and snowboarding on a specially designed hike park
    -Skateboarding, BMX, and scooter on an indoor skatepark
    -Demos by professional riders
    -Entertainment open to all
    -A very chilled atmosphere at the parties and concerts
    -Final of the Slopestyle World Cup on Saturday 12th March 2022!
  • 12-19 March 2022 - European Snow Pride
    Every winter since 2008, Tignes have waved the rainbow flag, an emblem of the LGBT+ community, and the resort is hosting once again the biggest gay ski week in Europe!
  • 19-26 March 2022 – Tignes Film Awards
    Do you have an idea for a ski or snowboard short film? Love playing with your GoPro? Bring your idea to life and get the opportunity to show it on the big screen! Interested? Just make sure you follow the rules:
    -Absolutely no spoilers - keep your film a secret
    -You must collect a filming flag to enter a film
    -Your filming flag must feature in your film to prove it was shot during filming week
    -Films can only be 5 minutes long
    -Films must be shot in the Tignes Val d'Isère ski area
  • 29 April - 1 May 2022 – Black Shoes
    It’s the event for all the fans of ‘old school’ skis! Want to make your thighs burn in a nutty atmosphere? Black Shoes is THE telemark event that gathers experts and beginners at the end of the season. Includes discovery of Tignes Val d’Isère ski area, snowpark session, jump contest, race for children. Good humour and great atmosphere guaranteed!


Check the Tignes tourist office website for more exciting news:

Apres-Ski, Bars & Restaurants

Mountain Restaurants in Tignes

If you are in the mood for a high-altitude dining experience, then why not take a ski lift to one the eight mountain-side restaurants that Tignes has to offer. Enjoy a quick lunch, full sit-down meal or just a well-needed wine or hot chocolate break!

‘L’Alpage’ & ‘Lo Soli’ (located between Tignes Le Lac & Tignes 1800, accessed via the Chaudannes and Aiguille Rouge chairlifts): Stunning views of Tignes Valley and Espace Killy. Savoyard specialities. Bar. Open during ski lift opening times, everyday. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 07 42. Website: 

'La Folie Douce & La Fruitière' – La Daille cable car, Val d’Isère. This is the place to be! Amazing open-air bar/club/restaurant with a very unique atmosphere. Choose from the ‘Nuvo-self’ self-service restaurant (open 11:30 – 15:30) is part of ‘La Folie Douce’ bar (open 09:00 – 17:00, live DJs and musicians every afternoon) or fine dining within ‘La Fruitière’ restaurant with its impressive wine and cheese cellar. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 21 08. Website: 

‘Le Panoramic’ – Grande Motte Glacier: Savoyard specialities at 3032m, with a 360° panoramic view (hence the name!). Choose from the snack-bar for a quick bite, the self-service for a simple lunch made from local produce or the gourmet restaurant for something special – Why not treat yourself to the outstanding fresh lobster, grilled on a charcoal fire (upon reservation)! Wearing their traditional Savoyard berets, the staff will give you a warm welcome and you will leave this legendary spot in Tignes, feeling on top-form. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 47 21. Website: 

‘La Tovière’ Something for everyone, traditional cuisine, self-service, snacks such as sandwiches, waffles and pancakes, bar, fireplace, sunny terrace. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 35 05.

‘Le Chalet du Bollin’. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 46 44.

‘Le Palet’. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 46 06.

‘La Savouna’. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 33 80.

Restaurants in Tignes Val Claret

With over 30 restaurants in Tignes Val Claret alone, you are sure to find something to suit all tastes and pockets! Here is just a selection of what is on offer:

‘Ô Chalet’ – Val Claret Centre. Chalet-style wine bar offering themed evenings, live music, regional products, tapas, racletter, large selection of cocktails and VIP lounge. Open 16:00 – 02:00. Tel: +33 (0)6 15 19 47 93

‘La Brasserie du Petit Savoyard’ – Val Claret Centre, opposite Hotel Le Curling.
Open all day for coffee and a croissant for breakfast, a quick lunch to get back on those slopes, afternoon rest with a hot chocolate and waffle or pancake then an evening meal with a rich and varied menu with something to please everyone: traditional cuisine, pizzas, meat, fish, cheese specialities…plus take-away pizzas from 11:30 - 00:00. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 36 23. Website: 

‘L’Armoise’ – Le Val Claret. Traditional cuisine within typical Savoyard décor and amazing wall paintings. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 52 97.

‘Brasserie Le Saint-Jacques’ – Le Val Claret. Belgian beer bar and restaurant. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 48 33.

‘Couloir’ – Le Val Claret. Brasserie/bar/grill. Start with a cocktail, then enjoy round-the-world cuisine in the quiet restaurant before heading downstairs for a relaxed drink on the comfortable sofas. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 32 64.

‘Le Daffy’s Café Tex Mex’ – Le Grand Tichot, Val Claret.Open 12:00 – 02:00, plus Saturday mornings for breakfast. Authentic décor, friendly staff and reasonable prices. American and Mexican cuisine: starters, salads, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, empanadas, Chilli con carne, fajitas, grill, burgers, desserts, vegetarian options, kids menu and a very large selection of drinks and cocktails! Tel: +33 (0)4 7906 38 75. Website: 

‘Le Dahu’ – Located between the ESF ski school & Tufs chairlift in Val Claret. Brasserie/Bar. Cosy and traditional atmosphere. Traditional Savoyard dishes with a hint of Italian! Delicious pasta! Open everyday 08:30 – 23:00. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 50 98. Website: 

‘Le Hors Piste’ – Hotel Le Ski d’Or, Val Claret.Gourmet French cuisine. Sophisticated décor with exposed beams and large bay windows overlooking the snowy landscape. Every Thursday you can enjoy their famous seafood buffet with freshly delivered oysters, fish and shellfish (booking essential) – bringing the sea to the mountains! Dishes of the day and varied menu made from only the best fresh produce, langoustine ravioli, rack of Averyron lamb, warm raspberry soufflé…Open every evening 19:00 – 21:30. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 51 60. Website: 

'La Pignatta Pizzeria’ – Near Route du Golf, Val Claret. Italian and Savoyard specialities. Welcoming staff, reasonable prices, mountain décor and warm atmosphere. Starters, main dishes, pasta, pizza and specialities plus an extensive dessert and wine list. Take-away menu also available. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 32 97. Website: 

‘Pepe 2000’ – Le Val Claret, between Place du Curling and Place du Claret Bat Le Sefcotel. Run by the same owners since 1981. Open lunch times and evenings. South facing, interior restaurant over several floors plus 3 terraces. Extensive pizza menu, plus mountain specialieties such as raclette, pierrade, fondue and tartiflette and numerous meats. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 38 49. Website: 

‘L’Auberge des 3 Oursons’ – Le Val Claret. Large South facing terrace near the slopes. Ourson, meaning bear cub, the restaurant is decorated with an avalanche of teddy bears! Traditional and Savoyard cuisine. Soups, salads, burgers, pizzas, pasta, specialities, grill, tarts, crepes, milkshakes, ice cream, snacks. Open daily 09:30 – 00:00. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 06 35 66. Website: 

As a traditional digestive tipple why not sample the local Génépi liquer? It is based on vodka or pure grain alcohol, with chopped, dried génépi alpine flowers (found high up in the Belleville Valley) added for taste, aroma and colour – it certainly has a taste that can be acquired if the individual concerned is sufficiently dedicated!

Fast-food in Tignes Val Claret

‘L’Annexe’ offers snacks and crepes. ‘Le Caméléon’ is open 08:30 – 01:00 & offers snacks, happy hours and live sports. ‘La Krêpouz’ is a pancake house/salad bar. ‘Le New Pastille Café’ is a sports bar offering kebabs, pizza, burgers and crepes. ‘Le Snackys’ is for snacks and pizzas. ‘Le Kiosk’ offers snacks, sandwiches and paninis.

The Après-ski in Tignes Val Claret

With 14 bars to choose from, there has to be enough après-ski for everyone! Its very lively in Tignes Val Claret and people even come to the resort just for the après-ski!

‘Le Saloon’ is open every day 11:00 – 01:30 and offers a cocktail bar, international burgers, snacks, Sky Sports TV, Wi-Fi and pool tables. ‘Le Witney Bar’ is open every day 10:00 – 01:00. ‘@robaze C@fé’ is open 16:00 – 01:30 for music, videos, internet, pre-dinner cocktails and tapas. ‘247’ open daily 09:00 – 02:00 bar specialising in rum, tapas. ‘Ô Chalet’ wine bar with live music open 16:00 – 02:00, offering wine (obviously!), champagne, extensive cocktail list and much more. Brasserie Le Saint-Jacques is a Belgian beer bar. ‘Le Caveau’ is a traditional bar with live bands. ‘Couloir’ offers cocktails on the first floor and comfortable sofas downstairs with a good whiskey menu. ‘Le Daffy’s Café Tex Mex’ has a good selection of drinks overall, including beers from around the world and numerous cocktails. ‘Le Drop Zone Café’ offers free pool and Wi-Fi with Happy Hours from 16:00 – 18:00. ‘Le Grizzly’s Bar’ has a great wine cellar. ‘Le New Pastille Café’ is a sports bar. ‘Le Studio’ and ‘L’Alpine Café’ are bar/restaurants.

The Partying in Tignes Val Claret

Although many of the bars are open until late anyway, there are also 2 lively nightclubs in Tignes Val Claret:

‘Le Blue Girl’ - open 7 days a week from 23:00 – 05:00 – and ‘Le Melting Pot’.


Resort Amenities

The resort centre of Tignes Val Claret has everything you would expect to find in a modern ski resort. Ski hire shops, jewellery shop, souvenir shops, clothes shops, newsagents, photo shop, physiotherapists, medical centre, pharmacy, Post Office, regional products, chocolate shop, supermarket, bakeries, bank, launderettes, hairdressers, perfume shop, and tanning shop.

Food Stores

Sherpa Supermarché – Centre of Tignes Val Claret
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 30 74. Website: 

Medical Centres

Emergency numbers:
Fire 18, Police 17, Medical 15 (or 112 for all from mobiles)

Medical Centre – Val Claret centre
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 59 64

Nearest Hospital

Bourg Saint Maurice
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 41 79 79

Getting to Tignes Val Claret, France

By Road:

Driving distance from Calais: 625 miles, approximately 9 hrs 30mins.

From Calais, take A26 Motorway to Reims and Troyes; A5 Motorway to Dijon; A39 motorway to Lons-le-Saulnier and Bourg-en-Bresse & A40-A42 Motorway heading Lyon. Follow N504 to Chambéry, then take A43 motorway and A430 motorway to Albertville. Continue on N90 towards Moutiers and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Drive through and follow signs for Tignes. Do not follow GPS via Petit Saint Bernard or the Iseran pass – as closed during winter!

Listen to Autoroute FM (107.7 FM) for traffic news in English.

By Air:

Chambery to Tignes: 85 miles, approximately 1 hr 30.

Lyon to Tignes: 136 miles, approximately 2 hrs 30.

Grenoble to Tignes: 131 miles, approximately 2 hrs 30.

Geneva to Tignes: 106 miles, approximately 2 hrs 35.

Private taxi transfers from airports to Tignes Val Claret are pre-bookable via Ski Collection! See our airport & station transfers page for more information.

By Rail:

Taking the Eurostar from London couldn’t be easier. We offer 2 options: direct Ski Train (St Pancreas or Ashford to Moûtiers or Bourg-St-Maurice) or Eurostar Beyond (with a change at Paris). See our train services page for more information.

The nearest train station to Tignes is 20 miles away in Bourg Saint Maurice.

Private taxi transfers from Bourg Saint Maurice to Tignes Val Claret from £45.25 per person return (based on 4 people sharing) are pre-bookable via Ski Collection! See our airport & station transfers page for more information.

Bus Transfers:

Altibus offer bus lines from Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Genève-Cointrin (Geneva), Chambéry/Aix les Bains airports and Bourg Saint Maurice SNCF train station to the ski resort of Tignes Val Claret. Tel: +33 (0)8 20 32 03 68. Website:

Car Hire:

Ski Collection can arrange very competitive car hire at all airports, train stations and other town locations. 7 day rental ranges from £230-£549 (any other duration possible). See our car hire page for more information.

Resort Shuttle Bus in Tignes Val Claret:

The handy free resort shuttle bus has 24 stops from Tignes 1800 to Tignes Val Claret Grande Motte. The route between Tignes Le Lac – Tignes Val Claret – Tignes Lavachet operates a morning schedule every 25 minutes from 06:30 – 08:10. A non-stop service then runs between 08:30 – 21:30. The evening schedule then runs every 30-60 minutes from 21:30 – 05:30.

The route between the bus station in Tignes Le Lac and Tignes 1800 operates from 07:15 – 00:00, approximately every 30 minutes (reduced service after 19:30). Hardcopies of the resort shuttles bus timetables can be found in the resort at the lift pass or tourist offices.

Resort Parking in Tignes Val Claret

Parking is regulated in Tignes for the comfort and convenience of all pedestrians. Short stops of up to 30 minutes are authorised outside most accommodation to allow you enough time to unload/re-load your luggage. You will then need to park your car in your chosen apartment residence or hotel car park, or in one of the outdoor or underground public resort car parks. You then have the handy, and free, resort shuttle bus to easily get around.

Tignes Val Claret has 1 covered car park with 945 spaces and one outdoor car park with 600 spaces. The main car park reception desk in Tignes Val Claret is located in the Grande Motte car park and is open 24 hours a day. The other car park reception desks are open non-stop from 16:00 on Fridays to 12:00 on Mondays. The approximate cost for 7 nights is €75/car. Pre-booking is highly recommended, especially for peak dates. You can pre-book your parking space via the Tignes Tourist Office Website:

Handy Tip: ‘Tignaddict’ car stickers are available from the car park reception desks. Place one of these in your car window and each week 2 vehicles parked in Tignes car parks will be randomly selected to win one weeks FREE parking! The owners of the selected vehicles will have their car park pass reimbursed (up to the maximum value of €75/winner).

Tignes Val d'Isere Opening Dates

27/11/21 - 01/05/22

See resort opening information

Accommodation in Tignes Val Claret

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