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Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
1 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
Belle Plagne Ski Resort
2 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort
Belle Plagne Ski Resort
3 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
4 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
5 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©PRoyer)
6 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©PRoyer)
Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
7 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
8 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©MMV)
Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©PRoyer)
9 of 31 Belle Plagne Ski Resort (©PRoyer)
La Plagne Ski Resort
10 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
11 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleig track (©e_sirparanta)
12 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleig track (©e_sirparanta)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleigh (©P.Augier)
13 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleigh (©P.Augier)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©m.bernal)
14 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©m.bernal)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
15 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
16 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
17 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
18 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Skibob (©JStatkus)
19 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Skibob (©JStatkus)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Supertyro zipline (©P-Royer)
20 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Supertyro zipline (©P-Royer)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Yooner
21 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Yooner
La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
22 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
23 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
La Plagne Ski Resort (©ManuReyboz)
24 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort (©ManuReyboz)
La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
25 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
26 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
La Plagne Ski Resort
27 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
28 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
29 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
30 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort - Airboard (©JStatkus)
31 of 31 La Plagne Ski Resort - Airboard (©JStatkus)


Thinking of skiing in Belle-Plagne? With a traditional appearance and a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, a Belle-Plagne ski holiday can be experienced at your own pace in a tranquil setting.

Why Belle-Plagne Ski Resort?

  • Easy access to the ski areas of La Plagne and Paradiski
  • Excellent well-equipped snow park
  • A traditional village in a tranquil setting 

Belle-Plagne (La Plagne) Information

La Plagne can be found in the Savoie region of France, in the Northern French Alps, on the edge of the Vanoise National Park. It forms part of the massive Paradiski ski area which as well as La Plagne includes Les Arcs. Les Arcs and its ski areas can be accessed via the Vanoise Express cable car which whisks skiers across the valley in 4 minutes. The double-decker cable car has, in addition to the 360° panorama, a 3-dimensional outlook courtesy of a transparent glass panel inserted into the floor of the lower level of the 2 cabins.

As you take the road from Bourg St Maurice, the first resort you come to is Plagne 1800 (so a good one if you don't want to go too far in the mountains and have a shorter transfer). Next is Plagne Bellecote at 1930m. Above Plagne Bellecote is Belle Plagne. Then above Plagne 1800 is Plagne Centre, the main resort in the area. From here, you can continue on to the right to Aime la Plagne or to the left to Plagne Villages and Plagne Soleil. Three further villages are also connected to the ski area - Montchavin - Les Coches is accessed from Landry further down the valley and lie below the Vanoise Express cable car that takes you to Les Arcs ski area. On the other side further up the valley and below Plagne Aime 2000 is the village of Montalbert. And finally, Champagny lies on the other side of the mountain altogether and has its own ski area as well being linked to the wider La Plagne territory.

Belle Plagne is the largest of the 3 high altitude villages at 2050m and also the newest and most attractive in La Plagne. It combines the advantages of ski-in/ski-out, with attractive architecture featuring local wood, lauze (flagstone) and other stone materials. It is also pedestrianised in the centre. This La Plagne ski resort also benefits from parking that's completely underground. Belle Plagne is home to the biggest snow park in La Plagne and has immediate access to the pistes.

There are also a number of bars and restaurants in Belle Plagne, with live music for après-ski entertainment and cuisine to suit all tastes - making it a good venue for nightlife. The bowling alley is also good family fun and has a fully licensed bar open late. The quaint little shops create a real village atmosphere, all overlooked by the clock tower.

Belle Plagne is linked to Plagne Bellecôte via a gondola lift which runs from 08.30-00.30, and from there you can use the free resort shuttle bus to reach the other La Plagne villages. Although you are sure to find everything you need and have plenty to keep you occupied within your chosen village, we do recommend that you take a few trips to explore the other surrounding villages of La Plagne, as they all have so much to offer. The main village with the most shops, services, bars and restaurants is Plagne Centre.


La Plagne is part of the large ‘Paradiski’ ski area and is the 2nd largest connected skiing area in the world. Paradiski has excellent facilities and with its huge variation in altitude (1200m-3250m) and with over 70% of the area being above 2000m, there is a multitude of different types of scenery and piste to explore. This impressive lift-linked ski area is formed of 18 ski resorts (the first 7 below in Les Arcs and the other 11 in La Plagne):

  • Arc 1600
  • Arc 1800
  • Arc 1950
  • Arc 2000
  • Peisey Vallandry
  • Villaroger
  • Bourg St Maurice
  • Plagne Montalbert
  • Plagne Bellecote
  • Montchavin
  • Les Coches
  • Champagny en Vanoise
  • Belle Plagne
  • Plagne 1800
  • Plagne Soleil
  • Aime la Plagne
  • Plagne Centre
  • Plagne Villages

Les Arcs has a further 200km of pistes - access via the Vanoise Express double-decker cable car (world’s largest cable car) which is in the village of Montchavin. This takes you across to Peisey-Vallandry (Les Arcs).

With much of La Plagne above tree-level, there is an abundance of wide-open motorway pistes throughout the main bowl. Plagne Centre is the crossroads of the La Plagne ski area. Directly below Plagne Centre you have Plagne 1800, which is spread across a steep hillside. Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village and Aime-la-Plagne are slightly higher up – just short lift rides from Plagne Centre.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, Plagne Centre and Plagne 1800 form the centre of the resort and offer numerous gondolas and lifts. The start of the Olympic Bobsleigh track is just below Plagne 1800. Just above Plagne Village you will find quite a few green and blue runs that drop you back into Plagne Bellecôte. Alternatively, you can head up to Les Verdons (2500m) or Grande Rochette (2505m) or head over the other side of the mountain towards Champagny.

Past Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, over a low rise is Plagne Bellecôte and just above that is Belle Plagne. On the southern edge of the main bowl you will find rural Champagny. On the northern edge are Monchavin and Les Coches. And finally on the western edge, past Aime-la-Plagne, is up and coming Montalbert. If you take a look at the La Plagne piste map, all of this will become clear!

For families, the runs around Belle Plagne are wide open blues and there is also the children's snow garden, beginner ski lift and access to the snowpark. Take the runs all the way down to Bellecote and you have access via chairlift to the rest of the resort.

To reach the Vanoise Express from Belle Plagne, it's a rundown to Plagne Bellecôte and then take a chairlift to L'Arpette followed by a long blue descent to the cable car. The gondola that runs from Plagne Bellecôte to Roche de Mio stops in Belle Plagne, giving you easy access to the Glacier de Bellecôte at 3200m - offering you some red runs, a couple of blues further down and a huge amount of brilliant off-piste. From the top of that Roche de Mio lift – half-way down the mountain – you can either head back down to the resort or turn right and you will find yourself at the top of the Montchavin Les Coches runs.

There are beautiful forest runs down to Montchavin, Les Coches, Champagny and Montalbert. Montalbert & Longefoy can be found amongst the trees at 1200m and have 4 ski lifts, lots of blue runs, a little freestyle area and extensive cross-country trails. Handy tip: head here if the weather is playing up as the trees offer great protection.



Thanks to the spreading of nursery slopes at all altitudes, La Plagne is well recommended to families and offers excellent facilities for beginners and novices. La Plagne is a great resort to learn to ski or snowboard. There are a number of designated beginner areas in La Plagne, so look out for the ‘Zone Débutant’ signs including in Belle Plagne.

There are 14 free lifts in La Plagne:

  • Le Solu & Le Biquet in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village
  • Telebaby in Plagne Centre
  • Aime la Plagne in Aime la Plagne
  • Praconduit in Plagne 1800
  • Belle Plagne & Croets in Belle Plagne
  • Montchavin, Sucette & Plan Bois in Montchavin
  • Patinoire & Le Petit Sauget in Les Coches
  • La Bergerie in Champagny
  • Montalbert in Montalbert

The biggest area for beginners is Plagne Bellecôte (a telecabine ride away from Belle Plagne). Here you will find the most gentle blue runs and a large beginners area which has a magic carpet conveniently located next to the Arpette chairlift. This chairlift serves 4 wide rolling blue runs, so you could easily spend all day here gaining confidence and practising your technique.

Skiers can enjoy the whole Paradiski area using just blue pistes to get going (again) gently.


With almost 80% of the 225km of slopes in La Plagne being blue or red, the ski area is an intermediates paradise. The long sweeping ‘Mont de La Guerre’ red with 1250m/4100ft vertical from Les Verdons to Champagny is great for intermediates.

For early intermediates, there are gentle blue motorway pistes in the main bowl of La Plagne. The blue ‘Arnica’ run in Plagne Bellecôte has loads of little jumps and bankings to play on and is accessible via the ‘Colorado’ chairlift. The ‘Pierres Blanches’ blue run over in Montchavin/Les Coches is very similar.

For the more advanced intermediates, try the wide but fast ‘Les Laines’ and ‘L’Arpette’ from Dos Rond to Plagne Bellecôte.


For experts, the most challenging area of La Plagne has to be the Glacier de la Chiaupe, more commonly known as the Bellecôte Glacier. ‘Le Rochu’ and ‘Bellecôte’ black runs are definitely not to be missed and can be enjoyed in any snow conditions. There is also a challenging 200m long mogul field here, at the top of the ‘Traversee’ chairlift.

For more big bumps and moguls head to ‘Ski des Bosses’ and ‘Verdon Sud’.

At 2350m, just above Aime La Plagne you will find ‘Le Biolley’ which is another good area for advanced skiers. ‘Les Etroits’ is the longest and most challenging black run here plus you have ‘Morbleu’, ‘Les Coqs’ and ‘Plsembleu’.

Another good, long and fast run is ‘Inversens’ onto ‘Les Crozats black, accessible from the top of the Roche de Mio. Experts will, of course, get the very best out of the ski area if they hire a mountain guide and explore the off-piste.


La Plagne holds vast and varied terrains with excellent spring snow and has some of the most challenging off-piste powder skiing in the whole of the Tarentaise Valley.

The main off-piste area is, of course, the Glacier de la Chiaupe, more commonly known as the Bellecôte Glacier. The most famous runs are on the north face. The easiest is the ‘Petit Face Nord’, which is easily accessible from the ‘Traversee’ chairlift. The next step, involving a hike up, is the ‘Couloir Canadian’.

Avalanches are common on the glacier and parts are very steep so as with most off-piste, a professional mountain guide is highly recommended – this will not only ensure your safety but will also allow you to experience the very best off-piste areas that La Plagne and the Paradiski ski areas have to offer.


The La Plagne ski area offers good terrain for all level of riders. In the Paradiski ski area overall there are 2 snow parks, 1 half pipe, 2 board gliss, and 3 boardercross. There are terrain parks at Belle Plagne, Montchavin-Les Coches and Champagny.

The well-equipped snow park in Belle Plagne has 2 zones, the small park and the large park. The small park is accessible via the top of the Col de Forcle ski lift and is designed for beginners, novices and younger snowboarders who wish to try out their jumps and skills in complete security.

The larger park is an area of 2.5 hectares and is split into 4 zones, making it accessible to the less experienced boarders as well as the pros. You will find rails, tables, S, wave, Fun Boxes that are regularly updated, big air bag, a half pipe, a pro half pipe and boardercross.

A video camera is installed to allow riders to see their skills in action on a big screen, for free! You can even have the videos sent to your mobile phone to share with your friends and family. There is a permanent half pipe in Plagne Bellecôte, located right next to the ‘Colosses’ drag lift.

Another boardercross is located at the top of the ‘Le Dos Rond’ area in Montchavin Les Coches. North facing and with views of Mont Blanc, you will find a permanent boardercross, beginners zone, rainbow, rails, fun box, tables, kickers etc.

In Plagne Centre you will find another big airbag at the foot of the slopes. Dare 2Be Freestyle Airbag can now be found in Montalbert, at the foot of the slopes, next to the toboggan run. Also in Montalbert, there is a freestyle park initiation fun zone with bumps, boardercross, tracks, tables and parallel slalom. Free access.


There are 85km/53 miles of cross-country trails in the La Plagne ski area alone for you to explore and a total of 153km of trials in the whole Paradiski ski area.

The most beautiful of those are the 30km/19 miles of winding tracks set around Champagny-le-Haut. This track goes from Les Bauches in Montchavin/Les Coches to Plagne Bellecôte and is the longest and hardest track in the La Plagne area.

Easier routes include a circuit above Plagne Soleil in the midst of the downhill ski area and the longer track below Plagne 1800, from La Roche to just above Montalbert. In Montalbert you will also find some areas and small circuits especially for learner cross-country skiers.

If you have a car and fancy a day trip then head to the stunning ‘Vallée de Bellecôte’ (separating La Plagne from Les Arcs). Drive up the valley as far as you can go and you will come to Peisey-Nancroix, which offers 44km of cross-country trails, a clubhouse and a café.

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