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Plagne Soleil Ski Resort
1 of 27 Plagne Soleil Ski Resort
Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
2 of 27 Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
3 of 27 Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
4 of 27 Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
5 of 27 Plagne Soleil & Village Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort
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La Plagne Ski Resort
7 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleig track (©e_sirparanta)
8 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleig track (©e_sirparanta)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleigh (©P.Augier)
9 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Bobsleigh (©P.Augier)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©m.bernal)
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La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
11 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Dog sledding (©vincent-piccerelle)
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La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
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La Plagne Ski Resort - Ski touring (©p_augier)
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La Plagne Ski Resort - Skibob (©JStatkus)
15 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Skibob (©JStatkus)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Supertyro zipline (©P-Royer)
16 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Supertyro zipline (©P-Royer)
La Plagne Ski Resort - Yooner
17 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Yooner
La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
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La Plagne Ski Resort (©e.sirparanta)
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La Plagne Ski Resort (©ManuReyboz)
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La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
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La Plagne Ski Resort (©P-Royer)
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La Plagne Ski Resort
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La Plagne Ski Resort
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La Plagne Ski Resort
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La Plagne Ski Resort
26 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort
La Plagne Ski Resort - Airboard (©JStatkus)
27 of 27 La Plagne Ski Resort - Airboard (©JStatkus)

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

Thinking of skiing in Plagne Soleil & Village? Found at 2050m, together they form one of the most attractive small villages of La Plagne, as well as being one of the highest purpose-built resorts.

Why Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Ski Resorts?

  • Easy access to La Plagne and Paradiski ski areas
  • One of the highest villages in La Plagne
  • An intermediates' paradise
  • An idyllic and sunny village, perfect for families

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village (La Plagne) Information

La Plagne can be found in the Savoie region of France, in the Northern French Alps, on the edge of the Vanoise National Park. It forms part of the massive Paradiski ski area which as well as La Plagne includes Les ArcsLes Arcs and its ski areas can be accessed via the Vanoise Express cable car which whisks skiers across the valley in 4 minutes. The double-decker cable car has, in addition to the 360° panorama, a 3-dimensional outlook courtesy of a transparent glass panel inserted into the floor of the lower level of the 2 cabins.

As you take the road from Bourg St Maurice, the first resort you come to is Plagne 1800 (so a good one if you don't want to go too far in the mountains and have a shorter transfer). Next is Plagne Bellecote at 1930m. Above Plagne Bellecote is Belle Plagne. Then above Plagne 1800 is Plagne Centre, the main resort in the area. From here, you can continue on to the right to Aime la Plagne or to the left to Plagne Villages and Plagne Soleil. Three further villages are also connected to the ski area - Montchavin - Les Coches is accessed from Landry further down the valley and lie below the Vanoise Express cable car that takes you to Les Arcs ski area. On the other side further up the valley and below Plagne Aime 2000 is the village of Montalbert. And finally, Champagny lies on the other side of the mountain altogether and has its own ski area as well being linked to the wider La Plagne territory.

Plagne Villages and Plagne Soleil are La Plagne’s two smallest villages are higher than Belle Plagne. There is a small selection of shops but for anything further, you will need to make the trip to another visit. They are ideal villages if you want a slightly quieter holiday and also at a cheaper price.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village sit in a sunny bowl above Plagne Centre and is a glorious natural sun-trap where you can soak up the sun all day long. It is an idyllic location formed by a collection of chalets and small self-catering apartment buildings clad in wood and built in true Savoyard style - many offering ski-in/ski-out possibilities. Being located at the heart of the skiing area with easy access to La Plagne itself and Paradiski and boasting magnificent views, makes this sun-soaked and appropriately named village very popular and ideal for families.


La Plagne is part of the large ‘Paradiski’ ski area and is the 2nd largest connected skiing area in the world. Paradiski has excellent facilities and with its huge variation in altitude (1200m-3250m) and with over 70% of the area being above 2000m, there is a multitude of different types of scenery and piste to explore. This impressive lift-linked ski area is formed of 18 ski resorts as listed below.

Les Arcs has a further 200km of pistes - access via the Vanoise Express double-decker cable car (world’s largest cable car) which is in the village of Montchavin. This takes you across to Peisey-Vallandry (Les Arcs).

With much of La Plagne above tree-level, there is an abundance of wide-open motorway pistes throughout the main bowl. Plagne Centre is the crossroads of the La Plagne ski area. Directly below Plagne Centre, you have Plagne 1800, which is spread across a steep hillside. Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village and Aime-la-Plagne are slightly higher up – just short lift rides from Plagne Centre.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, Plagne Centre and Plagne 1800 form the centre of the resort and offer numerous gondolas and lifts. The start of the Olympic Bobsleigh track is just below Plagne 1800. Just above Plagne Village, you will find quite a few green and blue runs that drop you back into Plagne Bellecôte. Alternatively, you can head up to Les Verdons (2500m) or Grande Rochette (2505m) or head over the other side of the mountain towards Champagny.

Past Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, over a low rise, is Plagne Bellecôte and just above that is Belle Plagne. On the southern edge of the main bowl, you will find rural Champagny. On the northern edge are Monchavin and Les Coches. And finally on the western edge, past Aime-la-Plagne, is up and coming Montalbert. If you take a look at the La Plagne piste map, all of this will become clear!

The two villages are situated around several blue runs which lead down into Plagne Centre. From there you have complete access to the rest of the resort. This also means returning is also easy by those same blue runs.

There are beautiful forest runs down to Montchavin, Les Coches, Champagny and Montalbert. Montalbert & Longefoy can be found amongst the trees at 1200m and have 4 ski lifts, lots of blue runs, a little freestyle area and extensive cross-country trails. Handy tip: head here if the weather is playing up as the trees offer great protection.

The 18 linked resorts are as below. The first 7 are in Les Arcs and the other 11 in La Plagne:

For MontchavinLes CochesChampagny, see details with our sister company Peak Retreats.

Additional ski fact info, main ski info in resort facts box at top of page (21/22):

La Plagne local area

225km of pistes, 76 lifts, 135 slopes:

Green slopes: 8
Blue slopes: 74
Red slopes: 35
Black slopes: 18


Thanks to nursery slopes at all altitudes, La Plagne is well recommended to families and offers excellent facilities for beginners and novices. La Plagne is a great resort to learn to ski or snowboard. There are a number of designated beginner areas in La Plagne, so look out for the ‘Zone Débutant’ signs.

There are 14 free lifts in La Plagne:

  • Le Solu & Le Biquet in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village
  • Telebaby in Plagne Centre
  • Aime la Plagne in Aime la Plagne
  • Praconduit in Plagne 1800
  • Belle Plagne & Croets in Belle Plagne
  • Montchavin, Sucette & Plan Bois in Montchavin
  • Patinoire & Le Petit Sauget in Les Coches
  • La Bergerie in Champagny
  • Montalbert in Montalbert

You'll find a small beginners ski area in Plagne Villages. This area has around 7 rolling easy blue pistes and variations, which are perfect for those who have built up confidence and are ready to progress and are fun to ski. The biggest area for beginners is Plagne Bellecôte.

Skiers can enjoy the whole Paradiski area using just blue pistes to get going (again) gently.


With almost 80% of the 225km of slopes in La Plagne being blue or red, the ski area is an intermediates paradise. The long sweeping ‘Mont de La Guerre’ red with 1250m/4100ft vertical from Les Verdons to Champagny is great for intermediates.

For early intermediates, there are gentle blue motorway pistes in the main bowl of La Plagne. The blue ‘Arnica’ run in Plagne Bellecôte has loads of little jumps and bankings to play on and is accessible via the ‘Colorado’ chairlift. The ‘Pierres Blanches’ blue run over in Montchavin/Les Coches is very similar.

For the more advanced intermediates, try the wide but fast ‘Les Laines’ and ‘L’Arpette’ from Dos Rond to Plagne Bellecôte.


For experts, the most challenging area of La Plagne has to be the Glacier de la Chiaupe, more commonly known as the Bellecôte Glacier. ‘Le Rochu’ and ‘Bellecôte’ black runs are definitely not to be missed and can be enjoyed in any snow conditions. There is also a challenging 200m long mogul field here, at the top of the ‘Traversee’ chairlift.

For more big bumps and moguls head to ‘Ski des Bosses’ and ‘Verdon Sud’.

At 2350m, just above Aime La Plagne, you will find ‘Le Biolley’ which is another good area for advanced skiers. ‘Les Etroits’ is the longest and most challenging black run here plus you have ‘Morbleu’, ‘Les Coqs’ and ‘Plsembleu’.

Another good, long and fast run is ‘Inversens’ onto ‘Les Crozat's black, accessible from the top of the Roche de Mio. Experts will, of course, get the very best out of the ski area if they hire a mountain guide and explore the off-piste.


La Plagne holds vast and varied terrains with excellent spring snow and has some of the most challenging off-piste powder skiing in the whole of the Tarentaise Valley.

The main off-piste area is, of course, the Glacier de la Chiaupe, more commonly known as the Bellecôte Glacier. The most famous runs are on the north face. The easiest is the ‘Petit Face Nord’, which is easily accessible from the ‘Traversee’ chairlift. The next step, involving a hike up, is the ‘Couloir Canadian’.

Avalanches are common on the glacier and parts are very steep so as with most off-piste, a professional mountain guide is highly recommended – this will not only ensure your safety but will also allow you to experience the very best off-piste areas that La Plagne and the Paradiski ski areas have to offer.


The La Plagne ski area offers good terrain for all level of riders. In the Paradiski ski area overall there are 2 snow parks, 1 half pipe, 2 board gliss, and 3 boardercross. There are terrain parks at Belle Plagne, Montchavin-Les Coches and Champagny.

The well-equipped snow park in Belle Plagne has two zones, the small park and the large park. The small park is accessible via the top of the Col de Forcle ski lift and is designed for beginners, novices and younger snowboarders who wish to try out their jumps and skills in complete security.

The larger park is an area of 2.5 hectares and is split into 4 zones, making it accessible to the less experienced boarders as well as the pros. You will find rails, tables, S, wave, Fun Boxes that are regularly updated, big air bag, a half pipe, a pro halfpipe and boardercross.

A video camera is installed to allow riders to see their skills in action on a big screen, for free! You can even have the videos sent to your mobile phone to share with your friends and family. There is a permanent half pipe in Plagne Bellecôte, located right next to the ‘Colosses’ drag lift.

Another boardercross is located at the top of the ‘Le Dos Rond’ area in Montchavin Les Coches. North facing and with views of Mont Blanc, you will find a permanent boardercross, beginners zone, rainbow, rails, fun box, tables, kickers etc.

In Plagne Centre you will find another big airbag at the foot of the slopes. Dare 2Be Freestyle Airbag can now be found in Montalbert, at the foot of the slopes, next to the toboggan run. Also in Montalbert, there is a freestyle park initiation fun zone with bumps, boardercross, tracks, tables and parallel slalom. Free access.


There are 85km/53 miles of cross-country trails in the La Plagne ski area alone for you to explore and a total of 153km of trials in the whole Paradiski ski area.

The most beautiful of those are the 30km/19 miles of winding tracks set around Champagny-le-Haut. This track goes from Les Bauches in Montchavin/Les Coches to Plagne Bellecôte and is the longest and hardest track in the La Plagne area.

Easier routes include a circuit above Plagne Soleil in the midst of the downhill ski area and the longer track below Plagne 1800, from La Roche to just above Montalbert. In Montalbert you will also find some areas and small circuits, especially for learner cross-country skiers.

If you have a car and fancy a day trip then head to the stunning ‘Vallée de Bellecôte’ (separating La Plagne from Les Arcs). Drive up the valley as far as you can go and you will come to Peisey-Nancroix, which offers 44km of cross-country trails, a clubhouse and a café.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Ski Hire

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Lift Passes

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

The lift pass is delivered FREE to your home when you book your lift pass for Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village at least 14 days prior to departure. This means you can ski straight through the gates, giving you more piste time - at no extra cost! Please note you will not be required to hand over a voucher at the kiosk in resort (non-applicable for free passes as you will be asked for a photo and a proof of age on-site). Conditions apply. Please inquire with a member of the Ski Collection team for more details.

Half day and day passes available to buy locally (in €):

These short duration passes are available to book in resort on your arrival, in euros.

Beginner ski passes in La Plagne can be bought in the resort at one of the Ski Pass Offices, look out for "Cool Ski" 1-day passes which cost around €30 for 1 day and give you access to designated beginner-friendly areas on the pistes. You can buy individual days one at a time and once you've built up your confidence, you can buy passes for progressing into the La Plagne or the Paradiski Unlimited area.  

Paradiski ski pass – ½ day and daily rates 
Day - €49 children, €61 adults

La Plagne ski pass – ½ day and daily 
1/2 day - €34 children, €43 adults
Day - €37 children, €46 adults

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Ski School 

Ski school for children is available to book from 3 years to 13 years in Plagne Soleil/Village, with Peak Retreats. 3-4-year-olds will go into the Piou Piou lessons. Children can learn to snowboard from 8 years+.

For ski school times and prices, please download the ski extras form from the 'Helpful links' further down the page. Please note these are just guiding prices. Please call us for the latest prices.

Please note that lesson times are subject to change right until the last minute - you will be advised. Outside French school holidays, the ski school reserves the right to cancel group lessons should numbers be insufficient.  For peak periods - Christmas, New Year, February half-term and Easter - we strongly recommend that you book as early as possible and in any case at least 6 weeks prior to the required dates. Morning lessons tend to get booked up first and therefore we may only be able to offer afternoon classes within 6 weeks of departure. In some resorts, English speaking instructors may not always be available, particularly at peak times.

We cannot always guarantee that prices will be cheaper than in the resort. When ski packs prices are calculated, the currency is bought at the exchange rates that apply at the time. You can be assured that once you have booked your extras, if the pound depreciates, you will not be charged more for your ski packs, enabling you to budget for your holiday in advance.

Plagne Village & Plagne Soleil Private Lessons

Individual Tuition is NOT pre-bookable. Individual tuitions can only be purchased directly from the ski school. We cannot pre-book these for you.

Fees: From €72 for 1.5 hours for 1-2 people and €105 for 3-5 people. Other options are also available. Please note that prices are only an indication, please contact ESF La Plagne on +33 4 79 09 00 40 for current pricing.


Children over the age of 3 can attend ski school in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village but there are other options for younger children and those not at ski school.

ESF Belle Plagne Day Centre 
For children 18 months to 5 years. 
Open from Monday to Friday throughout the season, the ESF daycare centre is supervised by qualified carers and staff, children will be able to participate in fun activities.
Fees: Monday to Friday, half-day sessions from 191 (low season) to 214 (high season). 

Snowlittle introduces experienced nannies to families on holiday in the French Alps. 
Fees: £10 per hour for one or two children. £1.50/per hour, for each additional child. There are minimum booking for peak periods which can be seen on their website.
Call 07981 801 946 or email (Open between 8am – 2pm)

Alpine Child Care
Service which links parents with independent nannies and babysitters. 
Fee: A flat rate of €18/hour.
Call Suzie on 07967 241775 or email

Little Chicks Childcare
A private nanny service from newborn to 16. Besides a nanny service, they also offer babysitting services and kid's aprés!
Fee:  Full time from £864 (48 hours over 6 days). Part-time from £504 (24 hours over 6 days).
Call Laura on 0759 371 5435 or email

Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village for Children

There are loads of fun activities to enjoy with your children in La Plagne, including sledging, the Olympic bobsleigh track, snow-grooming machine rides, snowshoe walks, husky rides, the zip wire, ice skating, swimming and cinema. Browse our Things To Do and Events information which we update throughout the season. 

Resort Activities

Apart from the obvious skiing or snowboarding, La Plagne offers countless other activities and winter sports for all ages…

Ski touring and yoga at sunrise

You can enjoy an introduction to ski touring at sunrise. Go up to the Chalet des Inversens at 2,500m (it takes between 1.5 and 2 hours) and recharge with a yoga lesson with a view of Mont Blanc. Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast made by a nutritionist before skiing down.

E-biking on snow 

Take a snowbike tour with a guide before or after skiing for the day. 

Olympic Experience by Bruno Mingeon (Paradiski)

Dressed in professional race kit, you will embark in pairs on the 4-man bobsled driven by the Olympic medalist and World Champion, Bruno Mingeon. You will race down the 19-turn Olympic Track of La Plagne [Olympic Games 1992] at speeds of up to 130km/h. Minimum age: 18. Info at:

Village Igloo
See details under eating tab

Speed Riding (Paradiski)

Ski and glide in Les Arcs. Using a small canopy, you will be coached with a view to ultimately descending the piste half skiing, half gliding. Suitable for confident skiers aged 16+ [comfortable on a black run]. Pupils will be given a briefing and managed descents will be co-ordinated via a two-way radio. Prices start from €195 for one half-day lesson. Info at

Snowshoe Walks & Hiking

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way for the whole family to truly discover the mountains, the flora and fauna and the wildlife. There are numerous snowshoe companies in La Plagne. Your best bet is to visit the Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Tourist Office information point to find out more about the different options available and to obtain a footpath map.

Off-Piste & Ski Touring

There are numerous companies in La Plagne who offer professional mountain guides to give you the very best off-piste or ski touring experience. Visit the Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Tourist Office information point to find out more details.

Husky Rides

For a truly unique experience, why not take a husky ride through the mountains! You can sit back and relax as a passenger or after some instruction from the musher you can take the reins yourself and guide these beautiful animals. There is a meeting point in Plagne Village – Le Dou du Praz. The instruction briefing takes about 10 minutes then you get a 30-minute ride. Approximate cost: €55/person. Day trips and 2 or 3-day treks are also possible. Contact: Hors Trace Aventure – Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 63 21. E-mail: 

Igloo Village

Try a unique experience and have dinner in an igloo – you can even stay the night! The Igloo Village is located above Plagne Village at le Dou du Praz, and can be reached on the free resort shuttle bus. Open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Approximate cost: from €40-€65/adult & from €25-€40/child. Contact: Blacksheep Igloo. Website: 


For your complete relaxation, there are various spas and treatment rooms all over La Plagne. 


There are numerous paragliding companies in La Plagne with fully qualified and professional instructors – your best bet is to go into the Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village Tourist Office information point to check out the different options available.


There are 2 cinemas in La Plagne. Visit the tourist office for film listings and times.

Bobsleigh Track

The impressive Olympic Bobsleigh Track was built in La Plagne when Albertville hosted the 16th Winter Olympics in 1992. It is still used today for European and World events and is not surprisingly one of La Plagne's most popular attractions. This amazing track is 1.5km long, has 19 bends and is located just below Plagne 1800. There are 3 different options of excitement for you:

  • Bob Raft – is a bob for 4 people and requires no driver as it has automatic steering and braking. It reaches 80km/hour. Minimum height: 1.30m. Approximate cost: €41/person/descent or €123/family/descent (2 adults & 2 children under 16 years).
  • Mono Bob - No driver, no one else, just you and the ride of your life! You are in a semi-horizontal position and fly down the track at approximately 90km/hour. Approximate cost: €107/person/descent.
  • Taxi Bob – This bob is for 3 people and a professional driver will get you up to a speed of more than 100km/hour. This is similar to the competition bobsleigh. Approximate cost: €115/person/descent.

Open every day except Monday. Certain age, height and health restrictions apply. Tickets can be purchased at the track, from the ESF ski school or at the tourist office.


The squash courts are located in Plagne 1800. Rackets and balls provided (deposit required). Open daily 17: 00 – 21: 00. Approximate cost: €5/30 minute session.


The ‘Colorado Park’ toboggan run in Plagne Centre is 1500m long and has prime views of Mont Blanc. Toboggan and helmet are compulsory and included in the price. Minimum height: 1.40m. The meeting point is at the foot of the ‘Colorado’ chairlift in Plagne Centre, where tickets can be purchased. Open Monday – Saturday, 13:30 – 18:30.

The ‘Eldorado Park’ toboggan run in Plagne Bellecôte is 2440m long. Toboggan and helmet are compulsory and included in the price. Minimum height : 1.40m. The meeting point is at the foot of the ‘Arpette’ chairlift in Plagne Bellecôte. Open every day except Mondays, 16:30 – 20:30.

Approximate cost: €10/2 descents or €50/person for unlimited sledging fun over a 6 day period (valid on both toboggan runs).

There is also smaller toboggan runs dotted around La Plagne. Look out for the ‘Espaces Luge’ signs.

The Superluge Derby

Prepare for the sledge ride of your life. Take 450 metres of descent, 24 state-of-the-art Superluge sledges and what do you get? The Superluge Derby of course – that’s an hour and a half of unforgettable après-ski family fun! Join instructors and pilot these super-sturdy sleighs from Aime La Plagne (2000m) down to La Roche at 1550m – in the dark. Minimum age 14. Not to be missed!

All sledges are new and equipped with strong metal brakes for easy control and steering. Approximate cost: €30/person which includes hire of Superluge sledge, helmet, head-torch, route guidance, hot chocolate or mulled wine on arrival at the bottom and return transport back to your accommodation. Website: 


At an altitude of 2000m and after the slopes have closed you can try out your skills on a Skidoo (snow-scooter) in Belle Plagne, Plagne Bellecôte and Plagne Centre. Minimum age: 16 years for driver & 12 years for a passenger. Approximate cost: €90/hour if you want to drive & €30/person as a passenger.


Taxi Ski

If you are a non-skier, a nervous skier or just fancy a day off to rest your legs then why not let a qualified ski school chauffeur take you out on the slopes for a morning, an afternoon or even an evening.

Their state-of-the-art Taxi Ski (tandem ski) chairs make the slopes accessible to everyone, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Approximate cost: €144/person for 2 hours. Minimum age: 6 years. Contact: 

Snow Grooming Machine Rides

Ever fancied a ride in a piste-basher? Well in La Plagne you can! A fascinating experience to really feel the power behind these amazing machines, you will be accompanied by a professional and taken on a special circuit where you can drive in complete safety.

Approximate cost: €60/adult (includes a talk on the engine and technical elements, a go at driving and your very own certificate! Duration: 20 minutes). €20/child trip (duration: 10 minutes). Contact: Team Vaudey on: 

Zip Wire

The giant zip wire can be found in Belle Plagne and allows you to travel across le Vallon de l’Ours from 25m in the air – providing 15 seconds of pure adrenalin! Approximate cost: €15/2 crossings. Open every Tuesday and Thursday during the winter period.


In Belle-Plagne you will find a bowling alley with a bar showing the major sporting events, games room and pool tables. Open from 16:00 – 02:00. Special events held every Tuesday.

Ice skating

The nearest artificial ice rink is 5 minutes from the centre of Montchavin Les Coches, at the top of the Montchavin gondola lift and is 800m2.

Enjoy ice-skating in the open-air, push your children around the ice in a troïka or join in the friendly ice hockey matches! 

Open daily. Approximate cost: €6/child & €7/adult.


Another great sledging experience has to be Snakegliss, a train of sledges all connected together – amazing fun for families and friends. This takes place after the slopes close in Montchavin Les Coches. Approximate cost: €25/person. Website:


There is a public heated outdoor swimming pool in Plagne Bellecôte. Located in the heart of the resort, the pool has amazing panoramic views of the slopes and is heated to 30°. Open every day except Sunday, 15:00 – 20:00. Approximate cost: €4.50/child & €6/adult.

Ice Cave

The Ice Grotto in La Plagne is not to be missed, with beautiful ice sculptures it is a fun and beautiful experience for everyone. You will find it at the top of the Plagne Bellecote glacier at 3417m. Accessible to all pedestrians and skiers a pass for the glacier costs 8€ and is free for children 6 years old and under. 

The Ice Tower

At 1500m in the valley of Champagny le Haut, you will find the Ice Tower, an artificial structure for ice climbing – completely unique in Europe. The tower is a 24m high vertical metal structure and the thick ice is created by water jets – this is possible due to the ideal site conditions, low sunlight and very low temperatures. There are different levels of difficulty so whether you are a complete beginner or an expert there is a climb for you.

Open from December to March. Beginners sessions run every Tuesday and Thursday & approximate cost is €38/person, includes all the equipment you need and lasts for 2 hours. For the more experienced climbers you can access the tower independently every day (depending on the ice conditions) from 12:00 – 17:00. Approximate cost: €5/child & €9/adult.

Air Boarding

In Montalbert you can share a new gliding experience with friends or family by trying the new Airboard – a snow bodyboard! Thursday and Friday evenings. Minimum age: 16 years. Approximate cost: €27/person. Contact: ESF Ski School Montalbert. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 77 24. E-mail: Website:


La Plagne Resort News and Events 2021/22

Opening this winter is the new high-speed 6-seater Lovatiere chairlift offering new direct access to Champagny from Plagne Center, via Les Verdons peak.


  • La Plagne Turns 60! In 1961 La Plagne was born ... 60 years later La Plagne is renowned as one of the most iconic ski destinations in the Alps with a variety of winter activities including the Olympic bobsleigh experience! This ski season, La Plagne blows out 60 candles. 
  • La Plagne welcomes the NEW for December 2021 White Pearl Lodge and Spa
  • Escape rooms - 2 escape rooms opened in Plagne Bellecote. Teams of 2-6 people have one hour to escape by solving puzzles. One room is family-friendly. In French and English.


  • The Elves Parade - 23rd December 2021 
  • Santas Grotto 23rd - 24th December 2021 - Get a souvenir family photo with Santa and drop off your letters for him to read!
  • Creative Workshop - 23rd December 2021 - Create your own Christmas puppets.
  • Torchlight Descent and Christmas Fireworks - 24th December 
  • Santa Claus Tour - 25th December 2021
  • Snow of Fire New Years Eve - December 31st 2021 - For its 14th edition, La Plagne's traditional New Year's Eve celebration, the "Nuit du Pompon Rouge" will be transformed into a new concept: Snow on Fire. A 360° firework display, "Snow on Fire" will be orchestrated from the "Dou du Praz" (top of Plagne Villages), in the heart of the resort, more than 2 000 m above sea level. By lighting up the starry sky and the mountain peaks, the fireworks will be visible from all of the altitude sites.
  • Mountain Biking Winter Cup - January 23rd 2022
  • Winter Family Race - February 9th, 16th, 23rd 2022 & March 2nd 2022
  • Born To Be Show - February 24th 2022
  • Nordic Derby - February 16th 2022
  • Nordic Marathon - February 27th 2022
  • Super Slalom - April 2nd 2022
  • Chrono National Cross Country U15s - 12th-13th March 2022 


Apres-Ski, Bars & Restaurants

The range of bars and restaurants is surprisingly large in between all levels of the resorts of La Plagne. There is a free bus system between the core villages - also seconded by lifts - that run until after midnight.

Mountain Restaurants

You are completely spoilt for choice of mountain restaurants in the Paradiski ski area. There is an impressive total of 38: 18 in La Plagne, 13 in Les Arcs, 2 in Peisey-Vallandry, 4 in Champagny and 1 in Montalbert.

La Plagne

‘Le Cristal des Neiges’ (located in Plan Bois, Les Coches, La Plagne, pedestrian access via La Noir gondola). Varied menu, main meals, children’s menu, fast-food. snacks, sandwiches. Open every day. Animals welcome. Terrace.

‘Le Plan Bois – Chez Laurette’ (located in Plan Bois, Montchavin/Les Coches, La Plagne – 500m from the top of the Lac Noir gondola. Typical Savoyard mountain restaurant. Pedestrian access. Terrace.

‘Les Inversens’ (located on Les Inversens slope, below the Riche de Mio in La Plagne – Bellecote). Cheap and cheerful self-service restaurant, expect to pay €5-€10 per dish. Fast food and snacks. Terrace.

‘Le Carroley’ (located at 2100m on the Carroley slope in Les Coches, La Plagne, near the Salla chairlift). Hearty local dishes and snacks. Open daily 09:30 – 17:30. Great views from the terrace and the mulled wine is highly recommended!

‘Le Joli Bois’ (located 50m from the Vanoise Express in Les Coches, La Plagne).
Italian, local specialities, children’s menu, sandwiches, snacks. Chalet-style restaurant with great views of Tarentaise Valley and Mont Blanc from the terrace. Pedestrian access. Possibility to stay up there for a drink or two then enjoy the torch-lit descent back down with the ski guides (approximately €30).

‘Le Plein Soleil’ (located at 1811m in Plan Bois, Montchavin/Les Coches, La Plagne). Varied menu with cheaper set-menu options. Savoyard, Alsace and Rheinland style dishes.

Open from 09:15 until the slopes close. From Les Arcs, take the Vanoise Express and head in direction of Plagne Centre, then the Lac Noir cable car or Plan Bois chairlift. At the top take the blue down 500m or you can take the new Bijolim chairlift and take the path for 250m. From La Plagne go down Dos Rond and then Plan Bois, the restaurant is 500m from the Plan Bois cable car.

‘Le Chalet des Colosses’ (located close to the Bellecote slopes, just above the gondola and near the ice rink in Plagne Bellecote, La Plagne – lookout for the red old English telephone box outside!). Mixed International cuisine. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Terrace.

‘La Roche de Mio’ (located at the top of the Roche de Mio bubble, in Plagne Bellecote, La Plagne). Modern built chalet-style self-service restaurant with large terrace and great views of Mont Blanc. Simple but tasty International cuisine such as chicken and chips plus snacks and sandwiches. Dish of the day €14 approx.

‘Le Chalet du Friolin’ (located at 1800m in the off-piste area, Montchavin/Les Coches, La Plagne, between the ski areas of Les Arcs and La Plagne – access via the Bauches chairlift at the bottom of the Dérochoir, Crozats and Malatray slopes).
Homemade French cuisine and snacks. Sunny terrace with views and fireplace inside. Well-known for its great selection of wines.

‘La Bergerie’ (located on the Mira blue run, in Plagne Village, La Plagne). Not the cheapest but a charming and rustic mountain restaurant offering local specialities. The mulled wine is lovely. Terrace.

‘Le Chalet de Trieuse’ (located on the Bretelle Trieuse blue run in Plagne Bellecote, La Plagne). Open daily. Offers traditional Montagnard dishes.

‘Chalet de la Grande Rochette’ (located at 2500m at the top of the Funiplagne lift in Plagne Centre, La Plagne). Accessible to pedestrians. Open 7 days a week during the day, plus Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Glorious sunny terrace with views and log fire inside. Lighter dishes such as salads and omelettes, heartier options such as grilled meats, burgers, tartiflette and other Savoyard specialities, children’s menu and desserts.

‘Au Bon Vieux Temps’ (located in Aime 2000, Aime La Plagne, La Plagne).
Traditional Savoyard restaurant. Accessible to pedestrians. Free shuttle bus service can be booked in advance. Open every day. Terrace.

‘Le Biolley’ (located on the Biolley slope, coming down from Aime La Plagne, La Plagne). Self-service restaurant offering International cuisine and snacks.

‘Les Pierres Blanches’ (located at the top of the Pierre Blanc chairlift, Les Coches, La Plagne). Open every day for local specialities, sandwiches and snacks. Great views from the terrace.

‘Le Sauget’ (located at 1700m in Montchavin/Les Coches, Bellentre). Cosy mountain restaurant serving all the favourite local specialities mulled wine, plus a hot chocolate menu including white chocolate and amaretto, chocolate and ginger and many more. You can book an evening meal here then take part in the torch-lit descent back down (payable).

‘Les Lauzes’ (located next to the slopes of Les Coches, La Plagne). Charming old Savoyard restaurant serving grilled meats, fish dishes, fondue, raclette and other Alpine specialities. Cosy chalet-style interior with great views of Mont Blanc from the terrace.

‘Le Dou du Praz’ (located at 2100m at the top of Plagne Villages). Traditional Savoyard restaurant. Open daily 11:00 – 18:00 plus Wednesdays and Fridays 19:30 – 23:00. Access the pistes in Plagne Villages or Les Colosses lift in Plagne Bellecote.

Les Arcs

In Arc 2000 - Village Igloo (bar & restaurant)
For a unique break on the slopes, you can stop off at the Village Igloo Ice Bar anytime between 9am and 5pm to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a refreshing drink in the bar, with a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to choose from. The bar is in the heart of the Paradiski ski area, within easy access on a blue run from the Arcabulle chairlift. Suitable for all the family, skiers and non-skiers alike, the bar is within an easy 15-minute walk or snowshoe walk along a well-marked path from Arc 2000. Alternatively, from 7pm onwards, once the lifts have stopped and the sun has set, you can prolong your day on the slopes with a visit to the Village Igloo, by booking one of their evening activities. For these, you will be accompanied to the igloo and have the choice of a "Frosty Apéro" - a welcome drink followed by an aperitif and "polar" tapas - or a full dinner option with a traditional Savoyard fondue afterwards. Be sure to wrap up warm in your ski gear as the temperature inside the igloo rarely gets above 5 degrees!

‘Le Chalet de l’Arcelle’ (located in Arc 1600, access via the Combette slope). A charming converted barn that has been restored in a rustic yet contemporary way. Gourmet French cuisine. Children’s menu. Open every day for lunch and dinner, on the terrace or inside by the fire in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Fresh local produce from the market including meat, fish and local Savoyard dishes. The attentive staff will help you pick the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

‘Beguin Restaurant’ (part of the Beguin Hotel, located at the heart of the Arc 1600 ski area, Village des Deux Têtes, pedestrian access possible). Traditional food and mountain specialities such as fondue and raclette. Open for lunch and dinner. Sunny terrace. Log fire. Free Wi-Fi. Table-top football. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 07 02 92. 

‘L’Arpette’ (located on the blue Belevedere slope in Arc 1800, so is accessible to all abilities). Self-service and restaurant offering Savoyard specialities, pasta dishes, pizzas, meat and salad. Terrace serving drinks and cocktails with a live DJ every Wednesday afternoon for après-ski fun on the slopes.

‘L’Altiport’ (located at the bottom of the SnowPark on the Belvedere blue run in Arc 1800). Fast food and a snack bar serving hotdogs, burgers, pancakes and many other snacky delights. From the sunny terrace, you can watch the action of the snowpark or take in the beautiful views of Mont Blanc.

‘L’Aiguille Grive’ (located in Charmettoger in Arc 1800, within the hotel, access via the Jardin Alpin chairlift). French cuisine and local specialities. Open for lunch, snacks and dinner. Terrace. Open fire inside with huge windows and views of Mont Blanc.

‘Chalet Candice’ (located within Les Alpages du Chantel Residence in Arc 1800). Open for lunch, snacks and dinner. French cuisine, local specialities such as fondue, raclette, tartiflette, diot, casserole and crozet, light lunchtime menu including pizzas, pasta dishes and salads, snacks such as pancakes and waffles. Fantastic sunny terrace with panoramic views.

‘La Terrasse’ (located in Arc 2000, Place Basse, 50m from the bottom of the Lanchettes ski lift). Great terrace, a perfect spot for light lunch, afternoon snack or dinner. Large menu including salads, omelettes, burgers, soups, pasta, meat dishes and much more.

‘Le Savoy’ (located within La Cime des Arcs residence in Arc 2000). Enjoy culinary delights and Savoyard dishes such as fondue, raclette and meat dishes. Good service and great food. Cosy, warm and relaxed atmosphere. Snacks such as pancakes and waffles. Large outdoor terrace. Open for lunch and dinner. Ideal stop if you are on your way to the gondola or Lanchette lift.

‘Belliou La Fumee’ (located in Pré St Esprit, Arc 2000). Local cuisine including seafood, meat, grills and more. Small restaurant, tucked away, with terrace. Pedestrian access via the free shuttle bus. Booking is recommended.

‘Le Chalet du Solliet’ (located in Villaroger, Arc 2000, access via the Rhonaz, Solliet and Lys slopes). French cuisine and Savoyard specialities. Children’s menu. Sunny terrace and warm fireplace. Perfect spot for lunch, snacks or drinks. Pedestrian access.

‘La Creche’ (located in Arc 2000, access via the Transarc gondola and the Arcabulle chairlift). Traditional Savoyard restaurant with self-service and brasserie. Large sunny terrace. Service with a smile. The hot chocolate is definitely worth ordering!

‘Les Chalets de L’Arc’ (located in Arc 2000). Large traditional mountain restaurant offering French cuisine, Savoyard dishes, children’s menu – large chunks of bread served with every meal. Friendly and attentive staff. Booking recommended. Terrace with fantastic views. Open for lunch every day and dinner on Wednesday and Friday. Access via the Marmots trail, at the start of the Varet gondola, above Arc 2000.

‘Au Pré Gourmand’ (located in Arc 2000). Mountain restaurant offering French cuisine and local specialities. Self-service and restaurant. Terrace.


‘Aux Enfants Terribles’ (located above Peisey-Vallandry, access via Le Vallandry, Le Plan Peisey, Le Grizzly and via the Renard slope. Self-service or restaurant service. The menu includes salads, soups, meats, Savoyard dishes and much more. Large sunny terrace.

‘La Vanoise’ (located within the hotel, Le Moulin, Plan-Peisey). Traditional local cuisine in a warm and cosy setting. Log fire, wood panelling and views of the mountains. Patrick and Muriel welcome you to enjoy a taste of the Alps.


Roc des Blanchets’ (located at 2100m in Le Hameau des Rochers, on the Rossa slope, between Belle Plagne and Champagny). Typical Alpine restaurant, well-known for its good food at reasonable prices. Popular with the local ski instructors. Large panoramic terrace with lovely views. Open every day.

‘Chalet des Verdons’ (located in the middle of the pistes on the south side of Champagny). Chalet-style restaurant. Savoyard menu with a modern twist. Main meals €15-€30 approx. Terrace and open fire. Access: from Plagne Centre via the Funiplagne Grande Rochette. From Plagne Bellecote via the Blanchets chairlift. From Belle Plagne via the Col de Forcle gondola. From Champagny via the Verdons Sud chairlift.

‘Laisonnay’ (located in Le Laisonnay en haut, Champagny). Homemade traditional regional dishes made from local produce with recipes passed on from the owners' parents and grandparents! Tartiflette, raclette and fondue. Lunch is served 12:00-14:00 and dinner 19:00-20:30. Pedestrian access.

‘Le Refuge du Bois’ (located at 1470m, Rue Michel Ruffier-Lanche, Le Bois, Champagny). Authentic Alpine refuge serving Savoyard specialities such as croute, tartiflette, fondue and raclette. A la carte menu, good value set menu, children’s menu and gourmet menu. Delicious desserts. If you can’t decide which one to try then why not go for the ‘Café Gourmand’ – coffee and a selection of mini desserts! Great place to stop for lunch and accessible by car.


‘Le Forperet’ (located in Plagne Montalbert, Montalbert 1600). Wonderful farmhouse restaurant with a small farm, lots of Alpine character and great views of Mont Blanc. Open for lunch and dinner. Terrace. Expect to pay €13-€25 approx. per person. Regional Savoyard cuisine such as cheese fondue, meat pierrade, tartiflette, salads, soups, omelettes and snacks plus yummy desserts such as chocolate fondue and blueberry pie. Free minibus service is provided for easy access from Longefoy and Montalbert.

Restaurants in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

There are approximately 10 restaurants in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, with many more in the other La Plagne villages. The main type of cuisine is traditional French with varied menus – so something to suit everyone.

‘Le Grizzli’ Traditional restaurant serving Savoyard and Basque cuisine with meats grilled on the fireplace. Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 07 62.

‘Le Baryon’ 27-year-old authentic chalet-style restaurant with south-facing heated terrace. Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 29 56.

‘Les Terrasses du Soleil’ (located within Les Granges du Soleil residence also accessible directly via the écartée slope in Plagne Soleil). Good menu, pizzas, Savoyard specialities, gourmet cuisine, brasserie, child’s menu. Quick lunchtime menu from €10.90. Open daily. Interior with large bay windows and a South-facing terrace on the slopes (offering direct access for skiers and snowboarders). Tel: +33 (0)4 79 07 89 41.

'La Spatule’ Charming Savoyard restaurant offering local specialities, pizzas, meats, crepes, salads, cakes, dish of the day and child’s menu. Open daily. Terrace. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 05 80.

‘Le Cap Nord’ Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 00 00 15.

‘Pizz’allo’ Pizzeria. Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 00 49 03

‘Le Gargantua’ Open daily. Terrace. Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 09 21 21.

‘Au Coin du Feu’ Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 24 54 70.

‘La Casa de l’Ours’ Open daily. Terrace. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 00 71.

‘Au P’tit Creux’ Open daily. Tel: +33 (0)6 45 30 82 82.

The Après-ski in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

‘Monicas Bar’ is a popular choice with live music and DJs. Also shows live sporting events. Happy hour 17:00 – 18:00. Open daily 16:00 – 02:00. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 21 21. Past Ski Collection clients have recommended this bar.

‘Bar Le 5 à 7siete’ is a cocktails/tapas/wine bar offering a warm welcome on the sunny terrace or inside by the roaring fire. Large screen showing major sporting events. They also have a piano. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 40 00 45.



All the facilities and services that you would expect to find in a large ski resort are available in the community of villages of La Plagne. The main selection of shops and services can be found in Plagne Centre, where you will find the necessities such as banks, cash points, the main chemist and tourist office. In Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village you have 2 supermarkets, newsagents, 2 souvenir shops, a photoshop, 2 internet cafés, sports and clothing shops.

Food Stores

There are 2 Spar supermarkets in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village.

Medical Centres

The main medical centre for La Plagne can be found in Plagne Centre
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 04 66.

The main chemist is also in Plagne Centre
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 09 04 81.

Nearest Hospital

Bourg Saint Maurice
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 41 79 79

Getting to Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village, France

By Road

From Calais, take A26 Motorway to Reims and Troyes, then A5 Motorway to Dijon, then A39 motorway to Lons-le-Saulnier and Bourg-en-Bresse, then A40-A42 Motorway heading towards Lyon. Take exit 8, drive through Ambérieu-en-Bugey, follow N504 towards and up to Chambéry, then take A43 motorway and A430 motorway to Albertville. Continue on N90 towards Moutiers and Aime. Take the D220 then D221 towards La Plagne. Pass Plagne 1800 and turn right to Plagne Centre at the roundabout. At Plagne Centre turn left at the roundabout to Plagne Soleil/Plagne Village.

By Air

Chambery to La Plagne: 73 miles, approximately 1hr 30.

Lyon to La Plagne: 125 miles, approximately 2hrs 15.

Geneva to La Plagne: 125 miles, approximately 2hrs 20.

Private taxi transfers from airports to Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village are pre-bookable. Find out more about airport and station transfers.

By Rail

Taking the Eurostar from London couldn’t be easier. We offer two options: direct Ski Train (St Pancreas or Ashford to Moûtiers or Bourg-St-Maurice) or Eurostar Beyond (with a change at Paris). See our train services page for more information.

The nearest train station to Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village is Aime la Plagne. You can then take a bus or a taxi.

Alternatively, private taxi transfers from Bourg Saint Maurice to Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village from £38.25 per person return (based on 4 people sharing) are pre-bookable via Ski Collection! See our airport and station transfers page for more information.

Bus Transfers

Altibus offer bus lines from Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Genève-Cointrin (Geneva), Chambéry/Aix les Bains airports and Bourg Saint Maurice SNCF train station to the ski resort of Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village.Tel: +33 (0)8 20 32 03 68. Website:

Car Hire

Ski Collection can arrange very competitive car hire at all airports, train stations and other town locations. 7-day rental ranges are from £240 (any other duration possible). See our car hire page for more information.

Resort Shuttle Bus in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

After the lifts close the pedestrian-friendly telebus runs all day until shortly after midnight making it possible to stay late on the slopes or sample the nightlife in the surrounding villages. If you do miss the last telebus then it is possible to walk from Plagne Centre to Plagne Villages/Soleil but it is an uphill hike so not ideal after a night out.

Resort Parking in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

The residences featured by Ski Collection normally have covered parking (payable) and sometimes free outdoor parking too. However, there are also public car parks.

You can park on a number of roads in La Plagne. It’s normally free for the first hour then payable at approximately €40/week. You can book online: or purchase tickets from the local tourist office.

Paradiski Opening Dates

11/12/21 - 30/04/22

See resort opening information

Special Offers
* Special offers applicable to accommodation cost only, not to travel or ski extras

Accommodation in Plagne Soleil & Plagne Village

White Pearl

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 12 Directors' Choice | Luxury

Opening in December 2021, White Pearl Lodge & Spa in La Plagne is in a great location on the slopes and just 100m from the shops. These spacious, comfortable apartments enjoy superb facilities including a heated indoor and outdoor pool, separate children’s pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, fitness room, salt cave and a spa, where we can pre-book massages and treatments for you. White Pearl is a Directors' Choice residence.

Directors' Choice | Luxury

Front de Neige

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 6

Built in 2016, the 4* Résidence Front de Neige has the best position in the resort, enjoying a convenient ski-in/ski-out location in Plagne Village (snow and level depending) actually on the St Esprit blue piste at the foot of the slopes.

Les Granges du Soleil

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 12 Directors' Choice | Luxury

4* Les Granges du Soleil in La Plagne is nestled in the surroundings of La Plagne's ski area, in a superb location. Situated at in the heart of the Plagne Soleil area, 100m from the nearest shops, this ski residence is located on the ski slopes, offering ski-in/ski-out* opportunities.

Directors' Choice | Luxury


Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 6 Superior

The 3* Superior Aspen residence is situated in Plagne-Village and only 100m from the slopes offering ski back to the door, 300m from the ski lifts, ESF ski school, snow kindergarten and shops.


Sun Valley

Self Catered Apartments Sleeps 1 - 14 Superior

3* Superior Sun Valley in La Plagne is ideally located in the centre of Plagne Soleil, at an altitude of 2050m, offering wonderful views of the Tarentaise Valley. Perfectly situated on the slopes offering the convenience of doorstep skiing (snow and level depending).

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